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Stockings for Everyone

Well, what a fun week with the Sew Mama, Sew Giveaway Day. So many new visitors and followers, it was very exciting. I happily announced the giveaway winners here.  Those little owls are sure popular, so here is the link again for the pattern.  It is the Give A Hoot For the Holidays from Juicy Bits. I finished all my little guys and they are slowly but surely flying to their new homes.

A single order of owls

Another ongoing project has been Christmas Stockings (Holiday Stocking for those who prefer). After much playing and 7 stockings later, I have a template that I am super happy with. Thanks to Kristie for helping me finalize the shape of the stocking. It is nice and full, and will hold all your goodies!

Stocking Template

I have decided to post the template, so that others may enjoy making their own stockings. You can use it for a solid fabric or patchwork. The lines are already drawn on the template for 2″ finished squares (so cuts your pieces 2.5″). The squares should measure 2″x2″ when you print. There are some finicky lines that didn’t show up, I apologize for that but after you print if you make sure the squares are 2″x2″ it will fit together =) I decided that doing this while the baby was up was a good idea……O.o

The cuff is an 8.5″x16.5″ rectangle. Sew the short side RST, then fold so the seam is to the inside and the long raw edges are matching. Pin to the right side of the finished stocking.

I lined them all with a thin batting, a polyspun or Warm and Natural. The back of each stocking is a solid print and they too are backed in batting. I quilted the stocking pieced to large rectangles of batting using straight lines, then cut them out as a single piece. I made the cuff and lining using this great tutorial from Cluck Cluck Sew.

If you have questions about construction or design, please comment =) I will gladly get back to you!

Here is the Stocking Gallery, enjoy! =)

Happy Quilting!


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