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Mystery Pattern for Christmas Break *with correction*

Seasons Greetings Everyone! I am going on a small hiatus the next couple weeks, to finish up some mad sewing in time for the holidays and my 3×6 Sampler Bee Swap. This quarter I am a Hive Caretaker, and it is a lot of fun, but that also means I should really have my blocks mailed in time!

There has been so much going on here at home. The little rugrat had learned to pull himself up on things (legs, furniture, the cat….) so we dropped the crib and baby proofed as much as possible. I have an early warning system on my tree (thank goodness for bell decorations) and the cleanest part of my house is now from the floor to 24″ off the floor Mommy on her hands and knees with a Clorox wipe and warm water!

I am finally finished with stockings and owls, just a quilt left that is due for the holidays. I am hoping to have it done for the guild meeting this Monday, we will see!

Since I am making some decorative pillows to go with it I started looking for a good tutorial. Holy cow, there are scads of them! After much clicking I found a great tutorial for Ruffled Pillow Shams at Sew for Home. There are a lot of nifty things there, so scoot on over and check it out!

I will leave you with a paper pieced pattern. Just for fun, I am not going to show you a finished block =) Lets see how many people we can get to make a block, and send a picture my way. I will post the picture I receive with the tutorial in the new year. It is the block I chose for my Paper Pieced Hive in the bee. I would rate it as suitable for beginners because it is all straight lines that are foolproof if you follow the numbers =) *revised* I forgot to mention you will need 4 copies of each piece and it makes a 12″ finished block. Thank you Betty for jogging my memory!

Mystery Pattern

Merry Christmas and as always,

Happy Quilting!

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