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Another Baby Quilt

Its been a busy week here at Stacey in Stitches. The giveaway was a great success, and I have been working on a couple things here and there that the deadlines are coming up, so I am going to be working pretty hard the next month or so. My latest finish is a baby quilt for my neighbor. She asked for a gender neutral baby quilt, and you know what? Gender neutral is kinda hard! I mean, whats left when you eliminate blue and pink (or red)? Yellow and green. Yellow and green gets pretty old pretty quick, and can still end up looking feminine.

I found the perfect compromise in a charm pack of the pastel rainbow prints of Noteworthy by Sweetwater for Moda. The blues are soft and the reds don’t appear pink, which is hard to do in a pastel red. Coupled with a cute alphabet print border and voila! A true gender neutral baby quilt.

Baby Quilt

I used a Micheal Miller Fairy Frost in Gold/Orange for the border, it picked out the oranges and yellow really well. I used the grey charms left over to make prairie points and put them in opposite corners.

I didn’t use the actual note print from Noteworthy. I liked them, but the idea of having a  note that said “Adopt a Baby” on a baby quilt seemed a little strange. Most of the notes were just a little too adult.  The border print more than makes up for it with some lovely phrases beside each letter of the alphabet. I regret not writing down the print name or designer (honestly I forgot) so if anyone knows please let me know

I did try to fussy cut the words so they were all in a straight line, but it actually printed off like that so the words wobble up and down across the width of the fabric. I like it this way, it adds some nice movement and will act as a sort of eye spy, follow the letters kind of thing!

My neighbor loved it and that makes me happy. There is nothing that I like better than making the perfect quilt for someone!

Up next is a memory quilt for a new client and my Hoffman Challenge for 2013. Roar!


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