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Paletter Builder from Play-Crafts

If you haven’t already, head on over to Play-Crafts and check out the Palette Builder.

Its brilliant!

Anne and her team created the Palette Builder. Its very simple to use. Upload a picture, move the points around until you are happy, and save to your computer! Or, like me, just add points and save without moving. It is amazing the color palettes you can get from a single picture.

I had fun playing with it today using some snapshots of the flowers in my front window. This time last year we had a whole box full of pink stargazer lilies. All pink, no other flowers. This year I was delighted and surprised to find a single stalk of pure white lilies. There are two other stalks in close contact with the white one, unfortunately fallen victim to the slug I wasn’t able to capture in time. I wonder where the white lilies came from, and if the others would have been white or pink….

Anywho, here are some of the palettes I came up with.

A big thank you to Anne and her team for making it so easy! It is the perfect tool for taking an inspiring picture and turning it into a fabric palette!

Warm Dahlia Palette

Stargazer Palette

White Stargazer Palette 1

White Stargazer Palette 2

Happy Stitching!!


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