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WIP’s and other fun things

Our household has been a busy one the last few days. With a pair of birthdays coming up (mine included!) this weekend there has been little time to just sit and sew. When I do sew during the daylight hours, I have my little helper right there with me winding bobbins and cutting threads.

The other day he pulled a couple pieces of fabric from the scrap bin and wanted to sew them together. He was so proud of his quilt! He ran around the house all day with those two strips of fabric clutched in his hand, showing Daddy and his stuffed toys that “Harry sew too!” *sniff*

When I do get some alone time, I have been working on my Modern Metallics challenge quilt.  I happily borrowed a design idea from Anne @ Play-Crafts for this one. She runs the Quilt Design a Day group, and its so much fun! Her 03-19 design was an instant favorite of mine, and I knew I had to make it. On a much smaller scale of course.

Each of those little blocks is 3″ square. All paper pieced. Its been fun. I still have to make my center squares, but I should hopefully have something to show you by the end of the month.

I also received my quilts back from AQS Quilt Week in Lancaster. I was thrilled to see my blue ribbon in person. Harry found it first, pulled it out of the box, and shoved it in the door of the fridge. How knows that the fridge is where Mommy puts his special art. It was adorable and heartwarming that he knew how special that ribbon is to me. Don’t mind my smudgy fridge =) Those little fingerprints are there with love!


I also got my package from Craftsy for the Tula Pink Mystery Quilt. I am looking forward to this one! I wasn’t sure how I felt about the FoxField collection, but now that I have seen it in person I love it. The colors are happy and bright, and the prints are a much smaller scale than I thought they would be, which I love. I promptly ordered more of my favorites. Yet more squishy goodness to look forward to! There are still kits available for anyone who want to join in. Knowing Tula Pinks style, its going to be one good mystery quilt!

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Happy Stitching!




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