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Welcome quilters and cat lovers all, to my stop on the Purr-fect Patchwork blog tour! My amazing quilting friend Pamela Jane Morgan, or @pammiejane for my Instagram peeps, has written a paws-itively purr-fect book that celebrates all things cats and quilts and creativity, not to mention some great puns, which we all know I am a huge fan of!

The project I have chosen to feature also happens to be the cover quilt for the book. Say meow to Laser Cats!!!


Named for the infamous sketch on a very popular late night live television show, this quilt is a super fun and easy make. Need to whip something up for a baby shower or birthday? Laser Cats is your quilt!

My quilt is going to be finished and grace the bed of my tiniest human. He had a lot of fun picking the fabrics, and settles on a pair of charm packs I had laying around. My biggest challenge making the quilt was finding enough navy blue prints for the background. apparently I need to go fabric shopping (oh no!). I LOVE how the quilt turned out. I was a little worried that the blues wouldn’t show up against the navy, but kiddo was adamant that they all be used, and it worked out.

My helper cat supervised while I was cutting and sewing. She approves this book whole-heartedly.

She also put her seal of approval on the binding…..thanks Eevee…..

And on the finished quilt. I don’t know how she does it, but she managed to find the folded quilt top and sleep on it in the 5 seconds I put it down before pictures…*sigh*

See that little face? She knows exactly what she’s doing! As quilters, we know if the cat approves then the quilt is a good one.

I need to be honest, it was really, really hard to pick just one project from the book. Pam has done an amazing job curating a variety of sewing projects to appeal to every sewist. From bags to pillows to quilts, you are sure to find your next favorite project. I already have a list going of what I am going to make, and for who. Christmas gift giving is mostly taken care of at this point, and all from Pam’s book!

so, in order to celebrate and share teh amazing projects with you, I am giving away an ECopy of Purr-Fect Patchwork!

The giveaway is open to every one!


  1. To win an e-copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork, please leave a comment below telling me a funny story about your cat (or other pet if you don’t have cats) Winners will be announced and contacted after the end of the Blog Tour, by August 30th. WINNER!! number 20, congratulations!Jiff289!!

  1. For a chance to win a grand prize bundle from Pamela Morgan you must visit each of the blog tour stops and comment. Pam has a grand prize bundle of goodies for one lucky winner, including her book and a bunch of sponsor goodies you won’t want to miss!

Want to buy your own copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork? Shop Here!

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Purr-fect Patchwork Virtual Tour Schedule

Fri. August 20:

C&T Publishing | http://www.ctpub.com/blog/ | IG: @ctpublishing 

Pamela Jane Morgan | pammiejane.com/blog | IG: @pammiejane

Sat. August 21:

Sherri Noel | https://www.rebeccamaedesigns.com/ | IG: @rebeccamaedesigns (Chasing Dreams Quilt)

Shannon Fraser | https://shannonfraserdesigns.com/ | IG: @shannonfraserdesigns (Stabby Tabby Pincushion)

Sun. August 22:

Lorna McMahon | https://sewfreshquilts.com/blog | IG: @sewfreshquilts (Get Your Paws Off the Tablerunner)

Tracy Brittain Loyek | https://www.purplekatzquilting.com/blogs/news | IG: @purplekatzquilting (Purr-fect Pocket Tote)

Mon. August 23:

Natalie Santini | https://sewhungryhippie.com/blogs/tutorials | IG: @sewhungryhippie (Hiss and Make Up Bag)

Kaitlyn Howell | https://knotandthreaddesign.com/blog/ | IG: @knotandthread (Ziggy Kitty Quilt)

Tue. August 24:

Audrey Mann | https://www.theclothparcel.com/blog/ | IG: @theclothparcel (Just Kitten Around Pillow)

Charisma Horton | https://charismascorner.com/ | IG: @charismahorton (Feline Floral Quilt)

Wed. August 25:

Mollie Johanson | http://blog.molliejohanson.com/ | IG: @molliejohanson (Tale of Two Kitties Needle Book)

Corinne Sovey | https://www.corinnesovey.com/home/blog/ | IG: @corinne.sovey (Tuxedo Cat Wristlet)

Thu. August 26:

Melissa Averinos | https://yummygoods.com/blogs/yummy-goods-blog | IG: @melissaaverinos (Blooming Curiosity Quilt)

Jeni Gaston | https://woolenwillowdesigns.com/blogs/jeni-s-blog-at-woolen-willow-designs| IG: @jenifergaston (Whisker Away Quilt)

Fri. August 27:

Tonya Alexander | http://stashlabquilts.com | IG: @stashlabquilts (Cat Nap Pillow #1)

Nichole Vogelsinger | https://wildboho.com/ | IG: @wildboho (Cat Nap Pillow #2)

Sat. August 28:

Stacey Day | http://www.staceyinstitches.com | IG: @staceyinstitches (Laser Cat Quilt)

Amanda Niederhauser |http://www.jedicraftgirl.com | IG: @jedicraftgirl (Self Pawtrait Softie)

As always, Happy Stitching!

26 thoughts on “Purr-fect Patchwork Blog Tour

  1. Love your colorful cat!!!!
    My cat Boots plays fetch like a dog. She does this with a piece of shoe string. Her record is 17 times. Me tossing it, she brings back and drops on the couch beside me, I toss it again..and..again..and..again……

  2. My previous cat Houdini used to sit on top of my machine to “help me”, but he was so big he’d start to fall asleep and he’d fall off.

  3. When my cat Bess died, her sister Abby took on her sister’s outgoing personality. Before she was very quiet.

  4. Years ago I had a quilt stretched out on my living room carpet to baste before quilting. Didn’t finish and went to bed. During the night my cat decided the quilt was an excellent place to throw up! Ugh. Hard to clean an unfinished quilt. I guess she didn’t like the quilt. Haha.

    • What a gorgeous quilt (and kitty – I love her name)! My mom’s cat Penelope came into our family in an interesting way. I was in college and had just started dating my now husband, and for whatever reason we had gone to Walmart around midnight. In the parking lot, we spotted a little kitten. Of course I couldn’t leave her there alone, so I tried to catch her and she ended up running up into someone’s engine compartment. We waited until the owner of the car came out of the store and had to convince him there really was a cat in his car and we weren’t trying to do anything suspicious. It took us several minutes to find her, but eventually she was located and the man was able to go home without a new kitten but we did. 🙂 She has been a sweet part of the family for 15 years now.

  5. We are cat-sitting for a relative who is travelling. We also have a foster cat. The foster has to be kept isolated from the owned vat, so we have upstairs and downstairs cats, at the moment. We keep getting trapped in a room, because the cat in that room is determined to visit the other cat.

  6. We once had a clever cat named Tigger. He taught himself to open the cabinet door under the bathroom sink. It was dark and cozy in there and a good place for a nap. So one day before we realized this, a family member was sitting on the ‘throne’ and reached into the cabinet for a new roll of paper. Tigger was startled and shot out of there in a big hurry. It was a heart stopper for everyone concerned!

  7. I have a brother sister pair. The male likes to pull thread off any of my machines as well do a balancing act on the roller bars on my longarm frame. His sister likes to help me at the computer and she also likes to pull the pins out of my pincushions. I have had to resort to placing my pincushions in ziploc bags.

  8. It took me a while to find this post! I used the link from C&T, but it took me to your main page? From there I searched, but to no avail. Finally, I went through your insta. Whew. We have a cat, Flo, that likes to crawl in/behind/between/under the craziest places. I try to get pics of her and post a ‘Where’s Flo’ just for fun. Folks have a fun time finding that Ninja kitty!

  9. Alas no cat at the moment but my funniest story is about my Dad’s cat Sylvester. Dad had Sylvester employed as the business mouse removal service! Sylvester was an intact male and a very popular cat in the neighborhood..wink wink…but one day he went missing and my Dad was distraught. He put up posters and had notified the local humane society that Sylvester was missing. He got a call that Sylvester was found and he joyfully went to the shelter to rescue his best buddy. So Sylvester came back to his job except…a week later the REAL Sylvester showed up! Thankfully he bore Dad no ill will and resumed his mouse removal service and the impostor found a great home with my sister! We teased Dad a lot about his feline recognition skills!

  10. Years ago we had a cat named Sylvester. He was the coolest cat, but sometimes I think he thought he was a dog. Sylvester knew exactly when my husband would get home from work and would sit at the front door with his little mouse toy waiting for hubby to come in. As soon as he was home, Sylvester would start meowing very loudly and wouldn’t stop until they started playing fetch. My husband would throw the mouse, kitty would chase and retrieve it, then drop it at hubby’s feet. This would go on for a good half hour every day. It was adorable!

  11. Our current cat is 22.5, and when I first started dating my wife, she used to try to push me out of the bed because she felt I didn’t belong. We’ve been together for 21 years now, and she did eventually accept me – once I started feeding her.

  12. Thanks so much for being on the blog tour! I’m learning about so many designers I didn’t know existed! I am in love with this new book, as a cat lady it’s a MUST have! If I don’t win an ebook I will purrchase the book cause there are so many cool things which will make purrfect gifts for my cat lady friends. Hugs from NC, KittyAnn

  13. My bathroom was being remodeled while we were on vacation. When we came home we couldn’t find one of the cats but could hear faint meowing. It turns out Stripes went under the floor when the shower floor was open and got sealed into the floor when the workers finished the shower. Luckily it was only for 2-3 days (we aren’t sure) and we found a way to rescue him.

  14. I currently don’t have any pets. About 10 years ago I had a cat named Scooter. Scooter was a one person cat and I was his person. If I was gone for a week, he would reluctantly go to my husband for love and treats. One of those time was a year I had to take go pick up my aunt who wintered in Florida and bring her back north. I was gone for two weeks. It was in the Spring and when I got home and my husband was outside. We took a walk around the house so I could see everything that was blooming. Scooter’s preferred sleeping spot was on our bed or on the dresser next to the window if it was open. Well, he must have heard me talking out there because all of the sudden we heard him meowing and he was looking out the window at me. He was so happy to see me again.

  15. My cats are so ridiculous but it’s hard to think of a funny moment right now! Any every day silly thing is that I have to watch them after serving wet food, since Ariel will sneak up and steal from her sister Murriel’s plate if I’m not watching. When I do watch, she’ll pause from her own meal to see if Murriel is still eating and I’m still watching. She gets the leftovers, because once Murriel is done, she’s done, and will end with an after dinner shake and stretch.

  16. Hi Stacey! Our orange tabby, Tigger will nibble at our toes if she feels we are not feeding her fast enough. She has very high standards. And a laser!

  17. My cat can be sound asleep in another part of the house and she still knows when I lay a quilt out. She comes immediately to help. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  18. Your kitty (live one) – is adorable — love your quilt for your kitty!! I have one of my 3 that always helps me out – especially with lay our of blocks!!

  19. Oh, our cat prefers to take her “self caught food” into our house. One night she woke me up with her delicious midnight snack next to my pillow 🙈

  20. This quilt is adorable! We were helping my sister move this weekend and when we picked up one of the bookcases her cat leaped onto the bottom shelf to come along for the ride! Such a silly cat.

  21. We don’t have pets now, but when our children were growing up, we had a calico cat named S’more because she was the color of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. One day I saw her behind the fish tank and reaching her paw around the end of the tank thinking she could catch the fish as they swam that way.

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