Starlines Errata

Good evening quilty friends! There is an error in the Starlines quilt pattern. If you purchased this before Dec 15, 2022 please note the following:

The White with Black Dots yardage for the Border Units should be 1 5/8 yards. This has been updated in version 1.1. I you purchased the PDF you can redownload the updated pattern. If you purchased the paper pattern, please make the note on the fabric requirements on the back cover. Thank you!

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Sample Sale is CLOSED!

I worked very hard on this and I am still not 100% sure everything is going to work. Please be patient with me, and I will try to fix any issues that may come up. There is only 1 of each item available. Thank you everyone!

Thank you for your order! If you have questions about your purchase, please contact me directly. The shop has been deactivated in the meantime. All orders have been shipped via UPS or Canada Post.

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  1. Hi Stacey, where can I get your Radiance quilt pattern using the Tula Pink Slow and Steady fabric collection? Its stunning and I would really love to make it, but I don’t see it on your website. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Hi. After ur cruise will u be selling your pattern. I’m so in love with the electric slide ur doing for the cruise. I wish I could afford to go.

  3. Hi I purchased one of the downloadable quilt patterns – Starlines and when I went to download the webpage refreshed and the download dropped out.
    Please advise what to I do now.
    I have checked and my payment was processed on my credit card

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Sample Sale Announcement

Good Morning my Stitching friends!

I have a big announcement today; I am officially having a sample sale! AKA: Stacey Ran Out Of Room And Has More Quilts To Make So Needs To Make Room Quilt Adoption Sale!

I will be listing quilts this week, and the sale will go live Sunday morning. There will be Finished quilts from my book, Child’s Play Quilts, quilts I have made just for fun, and some from the first unpublished book. There will also be a small selection of Work In Progress (WIP) quilts. Some WIPs may be flimsy tops only, some might be quilted but need binding.

The prices will vary. I thought long and hard about the pricing models for these. Some take a lot more time, some take a lot more fabric. I have taken many things into account, and have settled on only charging for the cost of materials. For many of these samples my labor has been paid already, and I really want my quilts to find their forever homes. I am one of those maybe-not-so-strange-after-all people that tends to personify their art, and I know that each quilt has its perfect home, and have been ready to find them for a while. I have a hard time letting go.

I started off small in one of my Facebook groups, and I am feeling ready to start the quilt adoptions! I know that my own mental health and creativity is tied in with my stash of fabrics and quilts, and the sheer number has gotten overwhelming, to the point that I feel it affecting my sewing.

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and supporting me over the years. I am excited to me moving forward and making room for new quilts.

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  1. You are a kind quilting friend Stacey to be sharing your beautiful quilt pieces with us. I feel honored to have the ones you recently sold me coming my way here in Texas. It’s very exciting to be the final home for some of your work! 🥰

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You asked, I answered. PDF patterns now available!

That’s right! All of my patterns will now be available as a PDF download.

Additionally, the Kaleidoscope pattern now has optional PDF templates and foundations to download. The kaleidoscope templates are quite large, and having them enlarged is a bit of a hassle. That’s not what I want for my patterns at all! So, so address the enlargement issues, the paper version of the pattern will have the option to download the templates in larger format paper to print at home. For those who have already purchased the pattern, I will add the download option to your order.

If you purchased from me at Heritage Festival of Quilts, please contact me directly.

Thank you everyone for your support. I have some new patterns coming this month that I cannot wait to share with you!

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  1. I am trying to purchase a PDF pattern, your system won’t let me complete saying I haven’t selected a shipping method and to check my address – my address is correct.

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The pattern shop is open!

This is a huge day for me! My pattern shop is now open! This is super exciting for me! All of my patterns are professionally printed booklets with full color illustrations and easy to follow instructions. If a pattern has templates, they are included on a page in the booklet. Most of them will require enlarging/copying. For now, the patterns will be in print only.

I am so nervous/excited/anxious/happy I don’t even know what to say. Those of you who’ve had classes with me know this is not usually a problem. Launching my own line of patterns has been a dream of mine for a long time. I want to thank everyone who encouraged me and gave advice and support while I worked through this. I am so happy with how the published patterns turned out.

As with any new venture, there will be bumps along the way. The e-commerce system is very new to me. If issues pop up, I will take care of them as soon as I can. I will make changes as feedback come in and orders go out to make life easier for everyone. For the shops who’ve been waiting patiently for these patterns to come available, please contact me directly for wholesale.

Thank you for staying with me all these years!

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  1. Stacey, I am currently finishing your catnip quilt pattern, which I purchased as a kit using Tula Pink fabrics. This is the second of your patterns I have used and wonder 2 things; is that pattern (Catnip) available to purchase separately? And have you ever thought of selling your paper piecing patterns on the dissolving foundation paper? (needless to say, I’m not a fan of removing bits of paper!), I’d go for it!

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Big Quilts with Tiny Beasts

The next collection with Tula Pink is called Tiny Beasts, with a new selection of dots and stripes, also of the tiny variety. I really love the collection; not only are the prints excellent on their own, they can also be used like a blender print. The tiny dots and stripes round out the main prints, and of course solids are a quilters best freind!

First is Lend a Paw. This was such a fun quilt to design, I love making gradients and rainbows. the pieces are small, but the quilt is big, finishing up at 91″ x 91″! You’ll have no trouble fussy cutting this one if you want to, even though the cut pieces are smaller you’ll still get the full print in the pieces. I used my favorite print, the trash pandas, as a background feature. You could switch it up with whatever you wanted, from the ladybugs to solids. I used the tiny stripes/dots to complete the rainbow gradient.

Lend a Paw, 91″ x 91″, designed by Stacey Day

The next quilt is a more advanced quilt. I loved the hedgehog print, I thought it was so creative and clever and cute. Chatting with Tula about it led to an idea of dandelion fluff, which evolved into Just Dandy. This is a foundation paper pieced quilt with some bias tape applique. It is not for the faint of heart. The end result is spectacular. Its already popping up on Instagram in progress or completed, which makes my quilty heart so happy.

Just Dandy, 82″ x 82″, designed by Stacey Day

The final quilt I came up with is called Mini Menagerie. I wanted a large central block that would feature as much of the tiny print as possible. This is regular piecing, no special techniques required! I ended up hand drawing this one to make sure the the pieces all fit together as intended. it reminds me of a sunburst. I think this block will make an appearance again in the future. I want to color it for the upcoming Moon Garden collection, it would feature those large prints really well.

Mini Menagerie 61″ x 78″, designed by Stacey Day

Which is your favorite Tiny Beasts quilts?

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  1. Oh my gosh! They are all so great! It’s hard to pick a favorite. I think if I make any, I’d use only some of the pattern and make a wall hanging! That way I know I can finish it. I love your designs.

  2. My favorite of these three is the Just Dandy because I wouldn’t do paper piecing and it is outstanding…however, my second favorite it the Mini Menagerie because I would do that one and I love how it show cases with the large center.

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The Daydreamer Quilts Collection

The Daydreamer Collection by Tula Pink has to be one of my favorite fabric lines to date. So much so, that I am still making quilts with it! I just adore the flamingos, the ombre prints, the tiny fruits, the jaguars, the butterflies…. it makes me want to travel where there are sunny beaches and clear ocean water. The collection also saw the release of 22 new solids, Unicorn Poop and Dragons Breath. Most of the quilts have the complimentary solids included somewhere in the design. They do an amazing job of adding resting spots for the eyes, or adding to the rainbow effect for each quilt.

I had a field day designing quilts to showcase Daydreamer.

First up is my personal favorite, Imagination. This is an advanced foundation paper pieced quilt. It has a LOT of pieces and needs a LOT of patience, but the end result is 1000% worth it! just take a look at #tulapinkdaydreamer and #imaginationquilt on Instagram to see how people are just killin’ it with this quilt! @quilting_elissa was the first person to finish hers, and she showcases the quilt to its absolute best. Go check her out!

The Imagination Quilt, 84″ x 84″, designed by Stacey Day

Next up is another personal favorite, Hibiscus. I really wanted to make a floral inspired quilt, one that would showcase the gorgeous border print and make best use of the ombre jaguars. Again, this is a more advanced quilt because of the number of pieces, and the color shift between the blocks. There are no tricky seams or templates needed with this one, just patience and determination. The border has mitred corners, but if you aren’t up for them, traditional straight borders will also go nicely. If you are going to change it, I recommend making the side borders first, then measuring and sewing the top and bottom. Organization is key with this quilt. The Hibiscus is the perfect size for the guest bedroom or the vacation house.

The Hibiscus Quilt, 70″ x 81″, designed by Stacey Day

Then we move on to another floral inspired quilt, Chrysanthemum. I was really on a floral kick with this one (its the tropics, need all the flowers!) I would call this one intermediate, but a confident beginner could definitely make it. The units of each block are all stitch-and-flip. All straight seams and no templates. I really wanted to make something that looked complex but was easy to put together, and show off that rainbow jaguar print.

The Chrysanthemum Quilt, 85″ x 85″, designed by Stacey Day

The next quilt, Tumble, has big open blocks to show off the print. Tula had a hand in the final design of this one, she has such an amazing sense of color and design. She rearranged some of the prints and added the gradient sashing, and elevated the original design to its final form. Tumble is confident beginner friendly, with some fussy cutting, and simple to put together. You need to pay attention to the solid placements in the sashes when making it.

The Tumble Quilt, 71″ x 81″, designed by Stacey Day and Tula Pink

Daydreamer also offers some factory cut quilt kits. I am thrilled that one of my earlier quilts made a comeback. This quilt has been asked after for years, it was a kit exclusive with the Tabby Road collection. Tula recolored it for Daydreamer and is again available as a kit exclusive. Say hello to Sunshine Daydream! There is a lot of fussy cutting with this one, for each individual butterfly and the spikes. Paired with the Manatee solid from Freespirit, this is a must-make! Kits are available through your local quilt shop.

The Sunshine Daydream Quilt Kit, 70″ x 70″, designed by Stacey Day and Tula Pink

I also did up a couple fun kids quilts with Daydreamer and Unicorn Poop (my kids absolutely love that name). The duo were published though AQ Magazine, and I’m super happy how they turned out. The first is a baby quilt, made using charm squares. Perfect for the leftovers from your larger project.

46″ x 51″ Sweet Dreams Baby Quilt by Stacey Day

The second is a cute kids quilt with a 3D element-the bottom of each scoop of ice cream is a lift-the-flap style element. The cones are paper pieced, and the cone domes are applique. I used a different decorative stitch for the top of each. For some extra fun factor I took little bites out of some of the cones.

Month of Sundaes, 64″ x 71″, Designed and quilted by Stacey Day

I still have one more Daydreamer quilt in the works, but its a secret for now. I am really excited for its release, coming early next year!

That’s all for now, I still have lots to talk about.

Happy Stitching,

2 thoughts on “The Daydreamer Quilts Collection

  1. Love your quilt designs. I’m always in awe of your designing talent!! I sure wish you would do an online class of the Sunshine Daydream pattern 🙂

  2. Stacey, you are one of my favorite, quilt designers. Your designs are always fresh, beautiful and interesting to look at and make. I loved Whirlpool and am currently working on Kaleidoscope. Keep up the great work!

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Happy Fathers Day

This post is for my dad. He’s the classic Dad figure, from the bad dad jokes right down to the socks with sandals. As a teenager, I didn’t really understand him (as most of us at that age don’t). As I got older (and hopefully wiser) I realized that Dad is, and was, ALWAYS there for me. No matter what was happening, I could come to him about anything. I learned how he expresses his love and affection, and when I had my own kids I started to understand a lot better the why’s and how’s of my childhood.

When I am out giving trunk shows, I always talk about my grandma and my mom, and how they taught me to quilt and supported me. What I sometimes fail to mention is how supportive Dad is. He takes care of my kids so I can travel. When I was writing my book, Dad had me come out with the kids so I could finish the last of the quilts while he watched them. He checks my website daily for updates, and tells all his friends about me.

I am so blessed to have the loving family that I do.

Dad, I am so thankful for you, and everything you do for me. Happy Fathers Day.

I Love You.

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Purr-fect Patchwork Blog Tour

Welcome quilters and cat lovers all, to my stop on the Purr-fect Patchwork blog tour! My amazing quilting friend Pamela Jane Morgan, or @pammiejane for my Instagram peeps, has written a paws-itively purr-fect book that celebrates all things cats and quilts and creativity, not to mention some great puns, which we all know I am a huge fan of!

The project I have chosen to feature also happens to be the cover quilt for the book. Say meow to Laser Cats!!!


Named for the infamous sketch on a very popular late night live television show, this quilt is a super fun and easy make. Need to whip something up for a baby shower or birthday? Laser Cats is your quilt!

My quilt is going to be finished and grace the bed of my tiniest human. He had a lot of fun picking the fabrics, and settles on a pair of charm packs I had laying around. My biggest challenge making the quilt was finding enough navy blue prints for the background. apparently I need to go fabric shopping (oh no!). I LOVE how the quilt turned out. I was a little worried that the blues wouldn’t show up against the navy, but kiddo was adamant that they all be used, and it worked out.

My helper cat supervised while I was cutting and sewing. She approves this book whole-heartedly.

She also put her seal of approval on the binding…..thanks Eevee…..

And on the finished quilt. I don’t know how she does it, but she managed to find the folded quilt top and sleep on it in the 5 seconds I put it down before pictures…*sigh*

See that little face? She knows exactly what she’s doing! As quilters, we know if the cat approves then the quilt is a good one.

I need to be honest, it was really, really hard to pick just one project from the book. Pam has done an amazing job curating a variety of sewing projects to appeal to every sewist. From bags to pillows to quilts, you are sure to find your next favorite project. I already have a list going of what I am going to make, and for who. Christmas gift giving is mostly taken care of at this point, and all from Pam’s book!

so, in order to celebrate and share teh amazing projects with you, I am giving away an ECopy of Purr-Fect Patchwork!

The giveaway is open to every one!


  1. To win an e-copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork, please leave a comment below telling me a funny story about your cat (or other pet if you don’t have cats) Winners will be announced and contacted after the end of the Blog Tour, by August 30th. WINNER!! number 20, congratulations!Jiff289!!

  1. For a chance to win a grand prize bundle from Pamela Morgan you must visit each of the blog tour stops and comment. Pam has a grand prize bundle of goodies for one lucky winner, including her book and a bunch of sponsor goodies you won’t want to miss!

Want to buy your own copy of Purr-Fect Patchwork? Shop Here!

Follow Along! 

Purr-fect Patchwork Virtual Tour Schedule

Fri. August 20:

C&T Publishing | | IG: @ctpublishing 

Pamela Jane Morgan | | IG: @pammiejane

Sat. August 21:

Sherri Noel | | IG: @rebeccamaedesigns (Chasing Dreams Quilt)

Shannon Fraser | | IG: @shannonfraserdesigns (Stabby Tabby Pincushion)

Sun. August 22:

Lorna McMahon | | IG: @sewfreshquilts (Get Your Paws Off the Tablerunner)

Tracy Brittain Loyek | | IG: @purplekatzquilting (Purr-fect Pocket Tote)

Mon. August 23:

Natalie Santini | | IG: @sewhungryhippie (Hiss and Make Up Bag)

Kaitlyn Howell | | IG: @knotandthread (Ziggy Kitty Quilt)

Tue. August 24:

Audrey Mann | | IG: @theclothparcel (Just Kitten Around Pillow)

Charisma Horton | | IG: @charismahorton (Feline Floral Quilt)

Wed. August 25:

Mollie Johanson | | IG: @molliejohanson (Tale of Two Kitties Needle Book)

Corinne Sovey | | IG: @corinne.sovey (Tuxedo Cat Wristlet)

Thu. August 26:

Melissa Averinos | | IG: @melissaaverinos (Blooming Curiosity Quilt)

Jeni Gaston || IG: @jenifergaston (Whisker Away Quilt)

Fri. August 27:

Tonya Alexander | | IG: @stashlabquilts (Cat Nap Pillow #1)

Nichole Vogelsinger | | IG: @wildboho (Cat Nap Pillow #2)

Sat. August 28:

Stacey Day | | IG: @staceyinstitches (Laser Cat Quilt)

Amanda Niederhauser | | IG: @jedicraftgirl (Self Pawtrait Softie)

As always, Happy Stitching!

26 thoughts on “Purr-fect Patchwork Blog Tour

  1. Love your colorful cat!!!!
    My cat Boots plays fetch like a dog. She does this with a piece of shoe string. Her record is 17 times. Me tossing it, she brings back and drops on the couch beside me, I toss it again..and..again..and..again……

  2. My previous cat Houdini used to sit on top of my machine to “help me”, but he was so big he’d start to fall asleep and he’d fall off.

  3. When my cat Bess died, her sister Abby took on her sister’s outgoing personality. Before she was very quiet.

  4. Years ago I had a quilt stretched out on my living room carpet to baste before quilting. Didn’t finish and went to bed. During the night my cat decided the quilt was an excellent place to throw up! Ugh. Hard to clean an unfinished quilt. I guess she didn’t like the quilt. Haha.

    • What a gorgeous quilt (and kitty – I love her name)! My mom’s cat Penelope came into our family in an interesting way. I was in college and had just started dating my now husband, and for whatever reason we had gone to Walmart around midnight. In the parking lot, we spotted a little kitten. Of course I couldn’t leave her there alone, so I tried to catch her and she ended up running up into someone’s engine compartment. We waited until the owner of the car came out of the store and had to convince him there really was a cat in his car and we weren’t trying to do anything suspicious. It took us several minutes to find her, but eventually she was located and the man was able to go home without a new kitten but we did. 🙂 She has been a sweet part of the family for 15 years now.

  5. We are cat-sitting for a relative who is travelling. We also have a foster cat. The foster has to be kept isolated from the owned vat, so we have upstairs and downstairs cats, at the moment. We keep getting trapped in a room, because the cat in that room is determined to visit the other cat.

  6. We once had a clever cat named Tigger. He taught himself to open the cabinet door under the bathroom sink. It was dark and cozy in there and a good place for a nap. So one day before we realized this, a family member was sitting on the ‘throne’ and reached into the cabinet for a new roll of paper. Tigger was startled and shot out of there in a big hurry. It was a heart stopper for everyone concerned!

  7. I have a brother sister pair. The male likes to pull thread off any of my machines as well do a balancing act on the roller bars on my longarm frame. His sister likes to help me at the computer and she also likes to pull the pins out of my pincushions. I have had to resort to placing my pincushions in ziploc bags.

  8. It took me a while to find this post! I used the link from C&T, but it took me to your main page? From there I searched, but to no avail. Finally, I went through your insta. Whew. We have a cat, Flo, that likes to crawl in/behind/between/under the craziest places. I try to get pics of her and post a ‘Where’s Flo’ just for fun. Folks have a fun time finding that Ninja kitty!

  9. Alas no cat at the moment but my funniest story is about my Dad’s cat Sylvester. Dad had Sylvester employed as the business mouse removal service! Sylvester was an intact male and a very popular cat in the neighborhood..wink wink…but one day he went missing and my Dad was distraught. He put up posters and had notified the local humane society that Sylvester was missing. He got a call that Sylvester was found and he joyfully went to the shelter to rescue his best buddy. So Sylvester came back to his job except…a week later the REAL Sylvester showed up! Thankfully he bore Dad no ill will and resumed his mouse removal service and the impostor found a great home with my sister! We teased Dad a lot about his feline recognition skills!

  10. Years ago we had a cat named Sylvester. He was the coolest cat, but sometimes I think he thought he was a dog. Sylvester knew exactly when my husband would get home from work and would sit at the front door with his little mouse toy waiting for hubby to come in. As soon as he was home, Sylvester would start meowing very loudly and wouldn’t stop until they started playing fetch. My husband would throw the mouse, kitty would chase and retrieve it, then drop it at hubby’s feet. This would go on for a good half hour every day. It was adorable!

  11. Our current cat is 22.5, and when I first started dating my wife, she used to try to push me out of the bed because she felt I didn’t belong. We’ve been together for 21 years now, and she did eventually accept me – once I started feeding her.

  12. Thanks so much for being on the blog tour! I’m learning about so many designers I didn’t know existed! I am in love with this new book, as a cat lady it’s a MUST have! If I don’t win an ebook I will purrchase the book cause there are so many cool things which will make purrfect gifts for my cat lady friends. Hugs from NC, KittyAnn

  13. My bathroom was being remodeled while we were on vacation. When we came home we couldn’t find one of the cats but could hear faint meowing. It turns out Stripes went under the floor when the shower floor was open and got sealed into the floor when the workers finished the shower. Luckily it was only for 2-3 days (we aren’t sure) and we found a way to rescue him.

  14. I currently don’t have any pets. About 10 years ago I had a cat named Scooter. Scooter was a one person cat and I was his person. If I was gone for a week, he would reluctantly go to my husband for love and treats. One of those time was a year I had to take go pick up my aunt who wintered in Florida and bring her back north. I was gone for two weeks. It was in the Spring and when I got home and my husband was outside. We took a walk around the house so I could see everything that was blooming. Scooter’s preferred sleeping spot was on our bed or on the dresser next to the window if it was open. Well, he must have heard me talking out there because all of the sudden we heard him meowing and he was looking out the window at me. He was so happy to see me again.

  15. My cats are so ridiculous but it’s hard to think of a funny moment right now! Any every day silly thing is that I have to watch them after serving wet food, since Ariel will sneak up and steal from her sister Murriel’s plate if I’m not watching. When I do watch, she’ll pause from her own meal to see if Murriel is still eating and I’m still watching. She gets the leftovers, because once Murriel is done, she’s done, and will end with an after dinner shake and stretch.

  16. Hi Stacey! Our orange tabby, Tigger will nibble at our toes if she feels we are not feeding her fast enough. She has very high standards. And a laser!

  17. My cat can be sound asleep in another part of the house and she still knows when I lay a quilt out. She comes immediately to help. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  18. Your kitty (live one) – is adorable — love your quilt for your kitty!! I have one of my 3 that always helps me out – especially with lay our of blocks!!

  19. Oh, our cat prefers to take her “self caught food” into our house. One night she woke me up with her delicious midnight snack next to my pillow 🙈

  20. This quilt is adorable! We were helping my sister move this weekend and when we picked up one of the bookcases her cat leaped onto the bottom shelf to come along for the ride! Such a silly cat.

  21. We don’t have pets now, but when our children were growing up, we had a calico cat named S’more because she was the color of chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. One day I saw her behind the fish tank and reaching her paw around the end of the tank thinking she could catch the fish as they swam that way.

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Pattern Round Up Day 5 – Tula 2.0

Today’s pattern roundup is once again dedicated to Tula PInk! Her new collection, Curiouser & Curiouser, is available from your LQS as we speak, so i thought I would take the time to introduce you to the quilts I designed for this collection.

First we have The Cheshires. The Cheshire Cat is one of the most iconic Alice characters, and I really wanted to pay tribute to him. I love designing new cat blocks, and decided that these cats needed stripes. I colored them with Curiouser and some True Colors to make them pop. The Cheshire Cat is mischievous and clever, and known to disappear on a whim. To me the Cheshire was always a chaotic neutral character, neither light nor dark, so I did up backgrounds for both. Here’s a thought: if a group of cats is a clowder, would a group of Cheshire Cats be a grinning? Or am I just a little mad…….?

The Cheshires – Dark

The Cheshires – Light

My next quilt in this menagerie is The Hatter. I’ll be honest, the 1951 Disney version of Alice scared me. I didn’t like it at all. It wasn’t until I was much older and had seen a few different versions of Alice that I started to appreciate it for what it was. My best friend LOVES Alice in all its forms, and her favorite charcter has always been The Hatter. I enjoyed the 2010 interpretation of the hatter as well, and knew that this character would be the next to inspire a quilt. I wanted a block that gave the impression of a busy, almost but not quite chaotic feel. The black and white stripe from Linework was the perfect accent to this quilt, and gave it the exact look I wanted.

The Hatter

When it comes to iconic characters, none are more so than Alice herself and the Queen of Hearts. The relationship between these two has be told and retold many ways in many forms. The Queen of Hearts is a playing card, and is sometimes confused with the Red Queen, whom appeared in the sequel, Through The Looking Glass, which centers around a chess board. In Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts is wild, unbridled, passionate fury, and symbolizes Alice’s fear, and her need to face her fear in order to help her grow up. In Looking Glass, the Red Queen is a figure of structure and order, a cold and calculating fury. She informs Alice of the rules of the game, and lets Alice know she can become a queen from a pawn. In the end, a chessboard and a game was the inspiration for this quilt.

Pawn to Queen

The final quilt for this collection is inspired by the playing cards. I wanted a fun, lighthearted quilt that featured the suits on the playing cards, and of course provide a perfect pun opportunity. Suit Yourself is a raw-edge applique project that features the rainbow ombre in the Suited and Booted print, which was used for the sashing around the blocks.

Suit Yourself

Curiouser and Curiouser was an absolute joy to work with. The prints are so detailed, down to the braces on Alice’s teeth and the drips of paint on the roses. Its hard to pick a favorite. I love that Tula is creating border prints as well, perfect for fussy cutting as well as, of course, borders. I’ve already cut out a ton of it for an EPP project I’m starting. Can’t wait to show you all in a year or two when I finish it!

Happy Stitching!

6 thoughts on “Pattern Round Up Day 5 – Tula 2.0

  1. Your comments about being frightned ,not liking Alice In Wonderland in 1951, also apply to me.I remember going, as a special treat to see it, ansd hiding my head much of the time. I was 6 at the time

  2. I love the quilt, Suit yourself. I play a lot of bridge and would like to try making this. How do I get started and what are the measurements?

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

  3. I love your quilts and the patterns . Do you design them? I have been quilting for many years , have designed a few quilts for family members and love making different patterns. I am working less and am wishing to try pattern testing. If you use pattern testers, I would love to be one for you. I do not post much , Burt am going to try to start that also. Have a wonderful day and continue to create your beautiful masterpieces.

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