Starburst QAL Week 4

Today marks the first day of week 4 of the Starburst Quilt-a-long, which is block construction. I am totally in love with my blocks! I was unsure at first about the first one put together, but after. 30000000000000000000000000000000000000

ha ha ha, Harry helped me with that. He is just tall enough to reach the keyboard. He hits the keys and runs (crawls) away.

As I wa saying, after I got them all together and laid out, I love the look and how they flow together. I have 2 high impact blocks and 2 low impact blocks, which balance out nicely. Even better is there is one in each colorway, Heartbreaker and Dreammaker! I love accidental symmetry!

IMG_0102 IMG_0101

IMG_0103 IMG_0059

I did work ahead on the next week because I am going to need more time for the final stretch of quilting and binding. I am very excited to finish this one off!

I also got my star blocks done for Linda in the Star Block Bee. She asked for 3 12″ blocks. I hope she likes them =)

February 085 February 087 February 086

Now I am off on a grand adventure to the parents house, so I will see you all in a week!


5 thoughts on “Starburst QAL Week 4

  1. Amazing! Love the Cuzco! That is my current obsession! I didn’t think I liked the dotted ombré print, but after seeing it used in a beautiful star, it’s growing on me. And is that a Carpenters Wheel or Swoon?

    And your Quilt Along blocks are wonderful. I also like to use dark backgrounds and light stars when I’m doing stars…it makes it seem more like real night skys.

    • Thanks Rachell! I wasn’t too sure about Cuzco at first either but it definitely works! The block is called Star of Bethlehem, but its basically the Carpenters Wheel/Swoon block, just with a HST corner instead of a y-seam square corner. I have EQ7 and there are a couple variations of the block.

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