Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!!!

Last year on Worldwide Quilting Day I was waddling around my house thinking to myself “please come early, please come early….”, whipping up a Turning Twenty baby quilt, and putting the finishing touches on client quilt (that’s me on the left).

Wedding Ring Quilt

Wedding Ring Quilt

Today on Worldwide Quilting Day, I was bouncing around the house thinking “please take a nap, please take a nap…”, mailing off swap blocks and printing out a pattern for my Fab Little Quilt Swap quilt.


FLIQs quilt for my partner. Original design

How things can change in a year!

Its crazy to think about. Next weekend is the Creative Stitches and Crafting trade fair, and last year it was the last thing I did before my son was born. I was huge walking around the arena, and so close to my due date that Hubby (bless his heart) would not let me go alone! I am convinced it was all the walking that day that encouraged the little munchkin to come right on time! I am very excited for this year because I get to introduce my little man to the quilt friends I haven’t seen in a while, not to mention all the great deals on fabric!

I also picked up my bundle of Les Amis by Patty Sloniger for Michael Miller. I swear I got one of the last complete fat quarter bundles online ( less one girl print) from Westwood Acres Etsy shop. Amanda was fantastic and held my bundle for me until I got my first paycheck (did I mention i am back to work as well this month?) I recommend her shop, it has lots of great bundles and the shipping is affordable!

Les Amis Fat Quarter Bundle from Westwood Acres

All I wanted was the teal colorway, but I am happy I got the entire thing. I plan to make Harry another quilt, probably using Melissa’s Starburst pattern and a very very light teal solid for the background. I still need to sit down and quilt my Starburst QAL quilt, but its on the list. As is the Listen With Your Eyes quilt, my Hoffman Challenge 2013 entry, and the first in a series that will be announced later this year (once I catch up and draft out the first quilt). Last year I would have planned it as a Quilt of the Month Series, but this year I know that Real Life dictates it be a Quilt of the Year Series *sigh*

I am also in the midst of planning Harry’s First Birthday Party. Its going to be lots of fun, and I finally settled on a Mustache Theme. Inspired by this lovely, professional photoshop (read: paint) job by my brother.



Hubby says he “doesn’t get it”. I keep telling him there isn’t anything to get, its just a fun theme, what is there to get? He still doesn’t get it…..


Have a great Worldwide Quilting Day everyone!!!




2 thoughts on “Happy Worldwide Quilting Day!!!

  1. I love the fabric. I love the pictures of the fabric in her Etsy shop – makes it easy to get a feel for the fabric. This year I only spen a couple of hours quilting. It was supposed to be the whole day…but…you know families. :0) will you be sharing a picture of the completed block?

    • I love her shop, its got great stuff in it. I will, it may be a while, but as soon as its done it will be up =) I know the feeling, as he gets older and older there seems to be less and less time to quilt!

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