2013 Year in Review

Welcome, welcome, to the first post of 2014! woo hoo!!

Life has been steadily getting busier and busier, as the little one grows up faster than I ever thought possible and some amazing opportunities have come knocking at our front door. 2014 is going to be a busy, wonderful year!!

I thought I would look back at 2013 and all the fun there was to be had last year. I got way more accomplished than I expected. Most of it went out the front door in the form of squishy packages of swapping awesomeness. A couple things are STILL waiting for their big reveal *wink* and a final UFO that is so close to being done I can almost bind it! I would say taste it, but people find it odd when I lick my fabric ^.^

Here are all the finished quilts and large projects from last year. My favorite is definitely Imperial Splendor!

And who could forget all the swap blocks? I was part of the Star Block Quilting Bee on Flickr, as well as the 3×6 Bee. I had to take a break from all the swapping, because I was getting nothing done on my own projects.Ā  It turns out I also forgot to take pictures of 6 sets of blocks for the Star Block Bee *sigh*

and of course the finishes that I can’t show yet…….

The biggest finish of the year by far was the purge and reorganization of my sewing room and fabric stash. It was emotional and cleansing. I actually found a before picture, taken in March. The cube shelves are a 4×4 grid. There was a lot of fabric. Now the farthest 4 have quilts nicely folded in them.





Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with me, and for following along on my adventures in quilting.

May your year be filled with Happy Stitches!


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