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Around the World Blog Hop

Welcome Back! Today I get to participate in the Around the World Blog hop. Its a fun kinda get to know ya session for bloggers from, you guessed it, Around the World. I was tagged by Amy @Badskirt last week. Thanks Amy! =)

So without further ado, here we go!

What are YOU doing?!









What am I working on?

What aren’t I working on?? Haha, between swaps, work, QDAD and my own personal library, I am always working on something. Thankfully I was able to complete and mail off a few things this week, which means the next week will be devoted to reading. Until the sewing bug hits me again and I commit to a dozen more projects! ( or so it feels like). I do have 3 book reviews in the works, so you have that to look forward to. I also have decided what my next pattern is going to be 😉 Oh, and don’t mention of the green wool serge military jacket that is currently kicking my butt, okay?

I finally finished this beauty of a memory quilt last night. It’s for a friends-sisters-grandma-in-law’s 80th birthday. What a wonderful, thoughtful thing! I loved looking at the pictures and watching the family grow from two to five to two dozen. These kinds of projects make me happy =)


I also mailed  my mini quilt for the Canadian Quilter’s Association Travelling Quilt Show! This is a travelling trunk show of mini quilts made by past CQA show winners (my ribbon was for Sapphire Star), and the theme was “It’s Time for Colour”. What says colour better than a rainbow? I wanted my piece to be happy and playful, and a good mix of modern and  traditional. These quilts will be hanging at the Quilt Canada 2015 show in Lethbridge, AB,  are going to be sold at the end of the show, with all the proceeds going to The Children’s Wish Foundation of Canada.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hmm, this seems to be the tough question of the five. My genre is quilting, so I guess my subspecies would be Modern-Traditional. I really can’t pinpoint where my work differs. Its….just mine…..I guess. I like bright colors, symmetry, negative space and paper piecing. Its an eclectic mix that is unique to me.  Since joining Quilt Design a Day back in March, my style has morphed increasingly. You can see a really big difference in the designs =) Shout out to my QDAD peeps for their influence!


March 1- breakfast cereal

March 2- a courtyard tile

March 3- lilypads














Sept 6- flowers

Sept 21- pink leaf things

Sept 28-succulent













Why do I write/create what I do?

It is what I am meant to do. I love to quilt. LOVE. My grandma introduced me to quilting, my mom taught me to sew. There is color in my head and quilting in my heart. I dabble in other hobbies, but I always come back to quilting. Since joining QDAD the designing has become a much bigger part of my journey. I love being able to take an idea and make it come to life-first on screen, then in fabric, and then in a format that I can share, like a pattern or tutorial (Hint-visit my patterns and tutorials tabs) Lately a lot of my writing has been for things I am unable to share quite yet, but I am getting so close! Eeeeee!!!


How does my writing/creating process work?

My creative process is one part feeling, one part visual, and one part fun whimsy. I tend to focus on one aspect, whether its a feeling, the color balance, or movement in the design. I try to create new looks for classic blocks. The succulent quilt is a block that I have used numerous times, but my changing the arrangement of the colors and negative space it looks completely different. The flower design takes advantage of on-point layouts with negative space sashing and block corners to make the set in triangle appear to pop out of the quilt. I also like to play with rotation and clip and flip effects in my design program (EQ7) to make new and exciting blocks. Sometimes I just play until I am happy!

Far left-Original Block
from second left to far right- clip and flip effect








Hop along

Thanks for reading along! I am tagging Kim@iadorepattern and Lyn Marie@sewouttacontrol. I met Kim through QDAD and we became friends through patterns and designs. Lyn is my crazy friend from down the road who keeps me sane and sometimes helps me purge fabric (ie: take what you want!)














Happy Stitching!


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