Quiltcon: The Aftermath

Sounds like the title to a bad sequel doesn’t it? haha!

Nothing could be further from the truth.

For me, Quiltcon was an amazing experience! Learning, sewing, socializing, eating, the whole experience was inspiring and a breath of fresh air for my poor dusty brain. The new year was filled with a number of personal stressors for me. Being able to attend Quiltcon was the relief, the break from ‘real life’ I needed to recharge my creativity and take the step back that I really needed. I didn’t touch my laptop the entire time I was gone! I was having so much fun that I even forgot to take pictures. Luckily my friends remembered, so I relive the memories through their IG feeds and blog posts. (if you want to find me on Instagram, I am @staceyinstitches)


One of our daily coffee friends, Reginald. Reggie is an art collector from Sussex.


I was one of the lucky few who manage to get every class I wanted, and ended up with a waitlist bonus. I spent two days learning Piece-lique techniques with Cristy Fincher (@cristycreates) She is the daughter of the immeasurable Sharon Schambers (who is one of my personal quilt heroes). Starch and glue baste are my new best friends as a result. The first day I learned the Paper less Paper piecing. This has definitely changed my life! I cant wait to finish the rest of this quilt!

My paperless paper piece block.

My paperless paper piece block.

I managed to finish up a mini top in the second days class. It was great to be able to learn the technique the first day, then have the second day to practice the technique. I plan on adding a border around the mini to make it a larger wall size. Off center and quilted using the techniques I learned in my other classes of course!


I was super lucky to have gotten into an evening class with Angela Walters. She is practical, down to earth, and I thought she was a great teacher. I had a lot of fun in her class, and wish I could have been in an all day with her. I also won a box of her Drift Aurifil thread! Woot!


The next day was spent with Krista Withers, another amazing quilter. Her style is different, but I was able to find a happy place where I felt like I Was stitching well and I was happy with my samples. I took her Compositional Quilting class in the morning, and then Ghost Shapes in the afternoon. Definitely another set of classes that feed well into one another, and ones that I could have done every day!


The best part of Quiltcon was being able to meet everyone in person. From QDAD to Moda to Windham, being able to shake hands and hug the people I interact with online on a regular basis was just tremendous. Kim Anderson @iadorepattern and I were roommates, and we sure had a great time. I also met up with Amy Garro @13spools and we lived it up. And went boot shopping. I love my boots and left a pair of old shoes in Austin in favor of my new kicks! I also developed an addiction to Tex-Mex. I recreated one of the dishes last night that tasted like it should, woo hoo!


The highlight of the trip was our QDAD at Quiltcon meetup! We had so much fun. Amy @Badskirt wasn’t able to attend, but she was definitely there!


QDAD at Quiltcon!


In Anne’s defense, I may have been doing something with Amy’s head a split second earlier…


The entire experience is hard to explain in typing. I left feeling inspired, refreshed, brimming with new ideas and confidence and friends. I may never be back to Austin,(Quiltcon is now split into a yearly show that flips coasts each year), but I will never forget it!

So to summarize what I learned:

1. Tex Mex is the best food ever

2. Spray baste is awesome

3. Cowboy butts boots are awesome

4. I need a long arm

5. No, seriously, I need a long arm

6. Margheritas are acceptable lunch fare

7. Everybody likes buttons

8. Its okay to wave your arms and yell like a crazy person at someone you recognize (except maybe not in the TSA line)

9. 49.5lbs Checked bag= Winning


10. Quilty people are the best kind of people! EVER!











Happy stitching!





7 thoughts on “Quiltcon: The Aftermath

  1. STACEY!!! Meeting you was totally one of the highlights of QuiltCon, even if we kept not going over to your hotel room at night. HGTV is a cruel mistress. 😉 Seriously though, next QuiltCon I’m hanging out with you constantly because you are awesome and I <3 you.

  2. I had a great time meeting you, and it was fun to take a class with you, too! I told my husband the story about your shoes/boots–they do look mighty fine!

    I’m jealous you got to hang out with Anne; her quilts were amazing!

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