Fun Happenings

Ahhh, there is nothing like the smell of a freshly opened mail order of fabric. And the feel. And the sight…..I love fabric….

I do realize the irony of this post, being as that my last post was all about the purge of an overflowing fabric collection. But in my defense……it was pretty! Aaaand it may have been the fabric order that pushed me over the edge into what was I thinking I have so much!

Ha ha, well, it is, but really I did purchase for a purpose. Many of the prints are going to be my go-to bindings. I have been browsing though a lot of Maureen Cracknell’s gallery of quilts. She made a calendar, how cool is that? Anywho, I loved the fabrics she was using for binding. I have always been a little hesitant to use a fabric for binding that was not part of the main quilts. She pulls it off so well that I have been inspired to try. I actually purchased some of the same fabrics that she uses. I absolutely adore the look of Anna Maria Horners Loulouthi in Hugs and Kisses in Wine as a binding.

I also got an email notice that my Long Road Home quilt has been put up in the EQ7 Quilt Gallery as the feature quilt! I submitted the design and the finished quilt last week. Its an amazing, inspiring gallery. You can see my quilt and many others here at

I am picking up a secret quilt from the long arm tomorrow. I can’t wait to share it with you. Here is a little sneaky peeky to get you excited! And yes, I did use my EQ7 for this one =)

Sneeky Peeky

Happy Stitching!!