Looks What’s Back!

My Hoffman quilts from 2012 is finally home! Yay!! I have been itching to take better photos of this one and bring it in to a guild meeting. I haven’t had much to show lately, so I can’t wait.

Hoffman Quilt 2013

My Secret Garden 2013

This quilt was a mini tribute to one of my favorite quilts from my favorite quilting duo- Greensleeves by Claudia C Myers and Marilyn Badger. They are the super stars behind Super Star and Sparkle Plenty as well.

I quilted it in invisible thread because I was trying out some free-motion stipples and feathering for the first time. It was the most heavily quilted thing I had done in a very long time at the time, and it snowballed into some of the quilting you see on my new pieces.

September 025

September 024

September 023

I am so happy My Secret Garden is home and hanging in my hallway.


Lots of exciting things coming in the next few months! In the meantime, check out the Hoffman Challenge 2014 Fabric. I am stumped. Any suggestions?


Happy Stitching,