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  1. I’m not new to sewing but the instructions on Rubix has me scratching my head and second guessing myself. Explain please ” across the width “.

    • Hi Barbara,

      Are you referring to the cutting instructions? If so, it means that the strips are cut from across the width of the fabric, not the length. The fabric is folded in half widthwise, so you can cut two layers at once. If you cut from the length of the fabric you may not get all the pieces you need. For the border strips, you will need to cut each border strip in sections and then piece them together. Please send me an email and I can try to help if this doesn’t clear things up.

  2. Hi Stacey, just discovered you. Do you do trunk shows? I am with the Westshore quilters Guild in Victoria. Please let me know how to contact you. Thanks, Lois

  3. I clipped a photo of your quilt “Night Lights” in the Canadian Quilter (yr.?) a while ago and am now interested in finding the pattern. Please help me source it! Thank you!

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