Modern Mystery-The Big Reveal

Wow, the last 6 weeks sure have flown by! Keeping up with the Modern Mystery Quilt A Long sure kept me on my toes. It was so much fun watching it all come together. Lat week all the pieces were finished and assembled into strips, but I couldn’t picture how it was all going to go together for the life of me! Turns out three of the strips I made were for the binding, so that would explain it =)

Without Further ado, here is my Modern Mystery Quilt!


I can’t wait to see how each quilt turned out. It is amazing how different they can look with the same pattern. Remember, send me a picture of your finished quilt and we will have a small giveaway! The deadline is November 15th. The top must be pieced but does not need to be quilted. I  will upload the quilts into a Flickr Group and post the link here on the blog. The quilt with the most votes will win =)

Until next time, Happy Quilting!

6 thoughts on “Modern Mystery-The Big Reveal

  1. This looks great, Stacey! I’m shocked to see you working with solids! 😉 I know Matt was doing this challenge but I’m not sure if he knows about your blog. Hope to see your quilt at an upcoming VMQG meeting!

    • Thanks Holly! I had to get all new fabrics (like that is a problem), and you’ll notice i could quite go all solids just yet, but I am kind of addicted now and get a bundle of the month from Sew Sisters every month. I would love to have Matt’s quilt here too =)

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