Happy Halloween!!

Why hello! Its been another long stretch. October has practically flown by and hardly a peep outta me! Thanks you all for hanging in there! I haven’t been to neglectful, as you may have noticed the Gallery is finally up and running, and I have added some new pages! Hurray! Once I finally figured it all out…..

Oh, and Happy Halloween! I looked everywhere for a costume this year, all I wanted to be was a princess to match my little guy’s dragon. after wading through mountains of slutty cats/fairies/pirates/anything else you can think of, I had 2 days left to whip up a costume! I searched through the pattern books at the shop, and there were no patterns that I either liked, or could make in such a short amount of time. I did come across a gem of a pattern. Its  Simplicity, its Steampunk, and I LOVE it. The entire outfit requires 10 meters of fabric to complete, and the entire hem is composed of box pleats, but someday I will make this!!She says as she buys it….

Stunning! maybe next year??


I really wanted an old costume that was made with the help of a lady from my church ages ago. As in more than 10 years. I have a collection of patterns from all over the place, and I found the pattern for the costume I wanted. It is no longer in print, and the pattern was from 2000. So I ran down to the Save-On-Fabrics and managed to get everything I needed for $40. The same price as buying a costume, except better quality, and my front and back are fully clothed! The costume was a success (as long as I did not have to walk up any stairs, long skirts are dangerous!) and we had fun at the Halloween parties this week =)

I also started a new quilt commission this week. I am making a Laurel Burch inspired cat quilt using the Sawtooth Cats Pattern and a Laurel Burch Fanciful Felines panel from my stash that is apparently Out Of Print and RARE.  We needed a second panel for a set of matching pillow shams, and the only one available was on Ebay for $20. That’s for a single layer of the panel, which translates into almost $50/yard. OUCH! The end result will be well worth the effort, and I am having fun matching up the colors for the cat bodies.

Fanciful Felines

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and as always,


Happy Quilting!



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  1. Aw! The dragon and his princess look fabulous together! Hope you had a great Halloween!

    p.s. I may just have a wee fabric gift for you. Will you be coming to the November VMQG meeting?

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