The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

I have finally gotten around to making some decor for my son’s room- Wall Art! I was inspired by a blog post from Hawthorne Threads. I have had a panel of Very Hungry Caterpillar Encore in my stash for a couple months now, just begging to be used. I can across this post from Hawthorne Threads, and I thought it was the perfect thing for this fabric. I had a 50% off coupon from a local craft store, and I used it to buy a multi-pack of 16×20 canvases. I used my Evil Stapler of Doom to attach the fabric to the frames.

What? Why is it called the Evil Stapler of Doom you ask? Well, apparently it has developed a taste for people. I was opening up the hinge and it bit my finger!

The Offended Digit

You can clearly see this is not the first time this finger has had an unfortunate run-in with my sewing supplies.

The Evil Stapler of Doom

Do not let it’s fun size and friendly colors fool you. This stapler is a finger-eater! *chomp chomp*
I am very happy with the result.


Harry really seems to like it too! He was my little helper that day.Even tried to drool on my injured finger for me! I settled for some bubbly giggles =)

Given the Drooly Baby Seal of Approval!

I think I need another set of the panels. I have some wall art, a Hungry Caterpillar diaper, I need I mean I think baby’s room needs a quilt too…

Until next time!

Happy Quilting!

Fun for everyone!

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