StaceyinStitches Bloggers Bundle!

After a couple months of emails and picking fabrics, I am thrilled to announce that Pink Castle Fabrics has added the StaceyinStitches Bloggers bundle! It was so much fun going through all the fabrics and picking out just the right colors for my bundle, Glacier.

Glacier was inspired by….you guessed it! Snow! I wanted to have a Canadian feel to the bundle, and lets face it, when one thinks of Canada, ones thoughts turn immediately to snow. When we go traveling and the locals find our your Canadian, the first questions is usually snow related. When you think of snow, most people think white white white, but one visit to Glacier National Park and you will never see snow the same way.  Most of the ice pack was formed before there were too many pollutants in the air, and the purity of the crystal clear ice to deep teal colors in the packed layers of  snow are a testament to that.

I hope you all hop on over to Pink Castle Fabrics and check it out. They have some wonderful bundles! If you ever travel to British Columbia, be sure to plan a trip to Glacier National Park. It will take your breath away!




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