CQA show Awards!

I am very excited to announce that Sapphire Star won 2nd place in its category at the Canadian Quilter Association National Juried Show this week! I was speechless, and more than a little red, going up to receive my certificate. A huge thank you to the judges and my fellow quilters. A bonus was I got to view the show before it officially opened this morning. All the quilts were amazing, and the winner of the Best in Show certainly deserved it! I have never seen stippling that small in my life!! I will post more pictures this weekend when we officially view the show and I have my camera with me.

Sapphire Star

Sapphire Star

To add to the excitement, Janet Archibald, one of our very own VMQG members, won the Award for Excellence in Domestic Quilting. Way to go Janet!!! I hope she gets to come to the show this weekend and see her ribbon!


Flowers for Cynthia by Janet Archibald

16 thoughts on “CQA show Awards!

  1. Congratulations on your award, Stacey! That’s so exciting! Wish I could be there to see you and your quilt in person!

    It’s also great to hear that Janet received an award. I believe that she was going to head to the show, so she’ll get a chance to see her quilt.

  2. Congratulations! You must be very proud. Excellent news about Janet too! Have fun on your trip

  3. Yay Stacey! I kept looking for you, but never did see you. Congratulations on your win! I got to see the ribbon on Thursday – To say I was thrilled is an understatement – shocked indeed!

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  5. Congratulations to you, Stacey! I didn’t even know you had a blog, but managed to find it quite by chance (that’s usually the way of things with me, though, so don’t give it too much thought). Your quilt is beautiful! (I’ll let you know, just to save you any confusion that I am mollyjolly on flickr and beezus everywhere else. lol)

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