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Happy Thanksgiving!


This week marks the send date for my FLiRTs Swap on Flickr.

This go round I really wanted to make something fab, and I was hoping to get a bag that I have been eyeballing FOREVER.

I made a Quilted Clock for my partner.I am happy with how it turned out, and thankfully my parter commented about it so I know she is going to love it!

The Quilted CLock

The Quilted Clock


I designed the pattern in my EQ7 and pulled some great fabrics out of my stash. The clockwork I picked up from the local craft shop. Getting the clock hands to fit and still turn without brushing against the fabric was a bit of a challenge. I ended up building the back up layer by layer until it was the right thickness, then enclosing it in a little pouch made from the backing scraps, and hand sewing it to the back of the clock.  I am thinking about posting a tutorial or the pattern if there is enough interest.

I received my item in the mail just before the long weekend. I was so super stoked and happy I giggled like a maniac and my good old hubster though I had lost my mind.

My Partner made me this Gorgeous, Wonderful, SUPER AWESOME 241 BAG!

Rainbow 241 Bag

Rainbow 241 Bag

I love this bag!!

October 211It has some of my favorite collections in it- Flea Market Fancy, Madrona Road….

October 213I love that she used the cream text print from Madrona Road for the sides.

October 212love Love LOVE!!!!


Happy Stitching!


7 thoughts on “Swappin’ Fun

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  2. I love the quilted clock! I just broke my ceramic one that painted, and am looking forward to quilting a new one!

    • Its teh silver linings in things, isn’t it? Oh no i broke my clock! But Yay i get to buy fabric and make something fun! Send me a picture when you are done, I would love to see it =)

    • Hi Dawn! The pattern is the 2-4-1 bag from Noodlehead. My partner pieced together the squares and then cut the pattern pieces out from it. I have made this bag as well and it’s super fun!

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