241 Goodness

Welcome to the first day of September!!!

Last night I finally got the chance to sit down and make something for myself. I have been so busy lately I haven’t had time to even think of a personal project, let alone start. Somehow I found myself with about an hour of spare time around 10pm, and my wonderful husband told me if I wanted to sew all night he would get up with kiddo (who is a 6am waker!) So there I was with as many hours as I cared to have, and despite having 2 tops to baste and start quilting, I pulled out my 241 bag pattern from Noodlehead.


Now the 241 bag isn’t anything new. If anything it is becoming timeless. Many of the VMQGers have themselves a 241 bag or two (or ten if your Krista@Poppyprint) In fact it was Krista’s last 241 creation that inspired me to purchase the pattern. I LOVE that red feather print! But then the pattern just sat.

And sat……

And sat……..

Now I don’t feel so bad about the sitting, because I was able to do a little research into the small adjustments others have made, and why they made them. For example, I am quite tall, so I added an extra 3″ to the strap and it made just that little bit of difference of how it sits. If I had the hardware I would made an adjustable strap like Krista, but baby steps first!


I also enlarged the pieces 30%, because I like a large bag, and somehow it became a requirement for having a toddler. I went with the inside pocket as the only extra step, I will start adding exterior pockets when I find zippers and such. By crazy random happenstance the print lined up perfectly! Woot woot!!

Somehow I also ran out of interfacing, so there are 3 different types in here. The body is shape flex, the strap is a midweight non woven with some structure to it, and the side pockets are a sheerweight. Overall it worked well. The strap needs to be durable (again, toddler) and I wanted the side pockets to be flexible without bulk to make attaching them to the bag easier. It worked. They had just a little give, enough to ease them into the side panels perfectly. I like how the direction of the pocket print balances with the direction of the feathers =)



I used a Navy Sketch Basic from Timeless Treasures for the sides and strap, which perfectly complimented the Of a Feather print I have been hoarding from the Tsuru collection by Rashida Coleman-Hale. I have yards of it, and was going to use it for bindings, but the print cried out in happiness as I pulled it from my stash for this bag. That pretty coral scallop is a hard to find print from the Vintage Verona Collection by Emily Taylor Designs for Riley Blake. I used it for the lining as well, and the navy I used for the pocket lining. All about balance! Here are the runner up pulls for this bag. Some may still be made, i just need find more interfacing!


Nordika, Dots, and Sweet Serenade


Kona Bay meets PB&J


Lark and Linen


The bag has officially been christened: I found something that might have been yogurt on the top of the strap after I hung it on the back of the chair while I grabbed my camera. (10 seconds people, must be a new record!). In a few days I am sure it will start sprouting gummy snacks and little plastic airplanes, but for now I will enjoy having a bag all to myself!

Happy Stitching!!


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