The Sunshowers Quilt


I have been waiting all month ( and some of April too) to share this quilt finish with everyone!

Way back last year I submitted some designs to the Modern Quilt Guild for the Quiltcon Raffle Quilt. The design they chose was superb and perfect to represent modern quilting. Then I got an email asking if i would be interested in repurposing my submission for the Pattern of the Month program. Of course I said yes!

Meet my newest baby, Sunshowers!


Sunshowers is my representation of the rainy days in Vancouver, where the sunbeams break through the clouds and you know that it won’t be raining forever. It starte as a QDAD design, but quickly morphed into something more personal as I worked on it.


Look at all those triangles!


I tweaked the size of the design to make it suitable for a child’s quilt. Then I had all kinds of fun putting it together. I freely admit that pressing is my least favorite part of quilting. Thankfully I was at my parents for a weekend and my mom LOVES pressing, so she did it all for me.

IMG_20150405_105727Then when it was all said and done, I loaded it onto the longarm and had at it. I used a lot of the quilting techniques and styles I learned at Quiltcon. I love the varying straight lines, and I threw in some ghost shapes just for fun. I had intended to do just straight line quilting, but I very quickly got bored of it (after about 5 lines). Now I completely understand what Angela Walters mean when she says that she doesn’t fully plan quilting. I changed motifs on a whim, going with what felt right, changing it up when I got bored. Totally works for me. I may never be a Judi Madsen or Marilyn Badger, but “finished is better than perfect!” ( Thanks AW!)



I am so happy with how the quilt turned out!! Sunshowers is a free download for Modern Quilt Guild Members though the community forum. Members will have the link emailed to them.ย For those of you who aren’t, I will be able to have the pattern made available for download in a few months!


I used a selection of Cloud 9 Fabrics beautiful organic solids for Sunshowers. They are so super soft and pretty! And that’s without washing them!


Photo day was super sunny, but super windy! I tried a couple “in the wind” shots, but they almost turned into “gone with the wind” shots. There was also a 100% chance of Toddler, but I didn’t mind =)



Happy Stitching!





16 thoughts on “The Sunshowers Quilt

  1. Stacey, This quilt is gorgeous & in my humble opinion the model only adds to the beauty. So sweet & I applaud you “not minding their presence.” Once as I was showing an appliquรฉd wild flower quilt to ladies at a tea & my 2 yr. daughter laid down on it while it was on the bed; some of the ladies were appalled & one of them jerked her off the quilt. She had been with me throughout the entire process & felt it was partly hers & began crying. I quickly rolled the quilt up & stored it back in the quilted bag as the ladies wanted to see more. I was furious & told them so & they thought “I” was nuts. And so it goes. I so enjoy your talent; enjoy & celebrate it.

  2. Gave a little squeal of excitement when this dropped into my inbox from MQG this morning … I know who that is!!! Love the quilt and the story behind your inspiration, looking forward to meeting you Monday very much – Chris ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I saw your quilt on the In Color Order blog and had to know more. Your quilt is simply beautiful! Now I know what I’ll be doing this morning — poring over your blog.

  4. Stacy, the quilt is beautiful. I have my first grandchild due in Nov. and this would be a great project. When will it be available to non-guild members?

  5. *sigh* How I will miss pressing for you on our sewing nights. It was always a great break from whatever project had me cursing at my machine ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. What an amazing quilt! I just cannot fathom how you find the time to quilt/design with work and a young family! Congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I have adored this quilt since it came out. I finally picked out my fabrics! I just wanted to see if you have any advice on enlarging it to a throw or slightly bigger? I can’t wait to get started!

    • Hi Cheralee!

      Thank you so much!

      If you want to make the quilt bigger, you can enlarge the template by 135%. You would have to measure the background triangle by yourself, but generally enlarging it the same percentage should work. This would give you approximately 60″ wide by 72″ long.

      I cannot wait to see your version, did you pick solids or prints?

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