A different point of view

When you have children, you start to rediscover the world through their eyes.

The last two weekends I have taken H to quilt shows- Sunshine Coast Quilt Show and the Boundary Bay quilt show. At the Boundary Bay show, I let H run wild with my camera. He had so much fun and the show-goers got a giggle or two as well!

I always wondered what things look like through his eyes 😉

2 thoughts on “A different point of view

  1. Wondering how kids interpret what they see is so interesting. It’s not always the “whole” picture that we see. It reminds me of a time when my son, who was quite young at the time, was asked to draw something from church.

  2. Brave mama! Tell me you didn’t give him the DSLR!? Lol. I gave M my camera on a walk in our new neighbourhood and have some lovely pictures of daisies to put in a frame in her room now. Too cute little man, too cute.

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