What Shade Are You? Winner Announced!

Today is my turn for the RJR What Shade Are You blog hop! I love participating in blogs hops, it gives me a chance to create something just for me, and have a little fun with all of my wonderful followers (Hint: FABRIC!) This is my second appearance in the blog hop. My first was back in 2015 with my Lanterns quilt Tutorial. It felt like only yesterday, and the ways my life has changed in such a short time, from there to here, is truly amazing. From a new house, to a new baby, to new opportunities within the quilting world, the last 2 years have been busy and scary and WONDERFUL.

RJR makes Cotton Supreme Solids. They are a dream to sew with. The fabric is the perfect weight to mix with anything, and you have 197 rich, delicious hues to choose from.

Now let me introduce my newest creation, Heat Wave!

I LOVE everything about this quilt. The colors, the layout, the quilting, everything. I’m sure somewhere there is a grouchy quilt police officer wagging a finger and chanting “Stacey, you are being prideful. You can’t just TELL PEOPLE you LOVE your own work.” But you know what? The hashtag for RJR is #quiltwithlove . So I just threw this quilt over their head, because I LOVE IT! I want to shout that love from the rooftops!

I picked an analogous gradient of my favorite warm colors and went to town. Each color is a color I love individually, and together they make a perfect sunset inspired palette.

Heat Wave is the perfect example of how a small change can make a huge difference. I had mocked up a different layout for these blocks, something eclectic and busy and kinda neat, but in my near-coma-like sleep deprived state I sewed half the blocks as a mirror image of the first. And I didn’t notice until I started laying the blocks out. After a little head scratching (because I STILL hadn’t noticed what I’d done) I turned the blocks around and VOILA!  Heat Wave was born! I still had to take a picture so I could purposefully do what I just did accidentally (and then FINALLY realized what had happened), but the top came together quickly after that and it couldn’t have turned out better.

The next step was quilting, and I had Heat Wave hanging over the bars of Penny(my Tin Lizzie Apprentice) for almost a week while I pondered. Then I realized it was Wednesday (again, I blame the sleep deprivation). Now I know some blogs are really good at showcasing just a top. Me, not so much. So she needed to be quilted, and quilted now. The funny thing is once I had her loaded on the frame, the quilting just fell into place. I recently returned from a family vacation, where I was able to meet up with a quilting friend. She once told me an anecdote from a famous longarm quilter (don’t ask who, I really can’t remember) and it always stuck with me. The moral of the story is when it comes to thread choice, always take the risk. So I did. I matched the yellow and violet fabrics in my quilt, and then used each color exclusively with the motif. Violet with the straight lines and yellow with the curled meander. The contrasting thread and patterns really worked well to highlight the secondary patterns in the quilt, and reigned in the pre-quilted color chaos.

To top off the perfection of this quilt, I chose to face it instead of binding to keep the colors flowing. Paired with the first really nice sunny day we’ve had in weeks, it felt like magic taking her outside to photograph. Even H wanted his turn with the camera! (We now have a lovely montage of grass growing.)

Now for the fun part (and the reward for reading to the end)! One lucky follower gets to win a bundle of the gorgeous Sunset Palette I curated for my quilt.

To enter, follow me here or on Instagram @staceyinstitches, and leave a single comment telling me 2 things: Where you follow me, and what your favorite color is! Easy peasy! I will draw a winner at 4pm PST Tuesday.


Congratulations to number 82, Deborah! I will be in touch soon!

There is also a second giveaway on the RJR Instagram Account. Log on and follow RJR Fabrics instructions to enter.

Happy Stitching!

125 thoughts on “What Shade Are You? Winner Announced!

  1. I love your heat wave quilt. My favourite colours are the colours of the sea -blues/greens. I follow you on instasgram and am about to follow your blog as well.

  2. I follow you on Instagram. I love all your creations so much. I’m torn between chartreuse, plum and aqua. Thanks for a chance to win this awesome bundle of beautiful fabric.

  3. Gorgeous quilt!! Proclaim your love for it from roc rooftops I say!

    I follow you on Instagram and I love green and Aqua although as I get older it does feel limiting to have a favourite 🙂

  4. Hi! I follow you on IG. My favorite color was always blue until recently, and now I find I’m always choosing yellows. Maybe because we moved to Florida??

  5. I am a new follower on IG and my favorite color is red. Love your design and its serendipitous creation.

  6. I follow you on Instagram! I love this fabric bundle!! I always say my favorite color is green but I really think it is orange!!

  7. I’m following you on Instagram. Love your quilt and these colors! I have recently been working in so,it’s and trying to get out of my “teal is my favorite” rut. @susansquiltstudio

  8. Oh wow!!! Your quilt is a beauty!! I love the colours and movement!! Very creative idea!!!

  9. Well, I guess it would help to read. Following you on IG and my fave color is green

  10. Beautiful bundle thanks for the chance to win. I follow you on Instagram. My favorite color in the bundle is the purple!

  11. I follow you on Instagram (my handle is maybe.just.c.d.b), and my favorite color is ALL THINGS PINK AND SPARKLY AND LOUD, which is very dignified for a woman of 43 and extremely horrifying to my morose daughter!!

  12. I follow your blog with my RSS Slick Chrome feed reader. Hope that counts! My favorite colors are any shades of blue and green. I love the Heat Wave too. Will you be having a pattern for it?
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  13. I follow on Instagram and my favorite color is red (although lately I would say blue)

  14. I follow your blog using The Old Reader, and this quilt leapt off the screen at me. Beautiful. My favorite color changes with my mood, but is almost always a saturated color. Today it’s a bright plum.

  15. Follow on Instagram. My favorites are blues, especially turquoise and greenish blues. Love all bright colors though.

  16. I follow you on Instagram and my favourite colour is bright pink so I love your quilt!

  17. I follow you on IG. My favorite color is green because every color goes with some shade of green

  18. I follow you on Instagram and now your blog! My favourite colour is orange although I do use blue a lot. Thanks for the chance!

  19. I follow you on Instagram. I love warm colors – reds, oranges, and pinks are my favorite. If I had to pick one favorite color it would be red. ❤️

  20. Love this quilt too! New follower on Instagram. My favorite color is yellow! (Gotta have my sunshine. )

  21. New follower on Instagram and I love the rainbow, or any form of a really good mix of gorgeous colors, like the one’s you picked!

  22. I’m a new Instagram follower, am now going to follow your blog also! Love your work. I can’t narrow it down to one favorite color, but my favorite color combo recently is bright pinks and oranges.

  23. Hey Stacey! Im loving this colorful quilt for several reasons…. It is very Florida which is where I’m from and I’m every color in this Quilt!

  24. I follow you on IG. I love all colours and always have a hard time picking a favourite anything but usually I pick lime green. 💚

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