Quilt Design a Day and a Giveaway*winner chosen*

Welcome to another QDAD day here at Stacey in Stitches!

If you are here visiting from the Sew Mama Sew interview, welcome! I have a lot of fun making a Quilt Design a Day. Today marks day 140 of designing for me. I am happy to say I haven’t missed a day. QDAD is one of my favorite exercises, and the group is so happy and friendly and a whole lot of fun! We’ve had an influx of new members, many of whom are participating. It’s great to see everyone’s interpretation of the inspiration photo. I hope everyone gets a change to try it at least twice. The first time for practice, the second time to get hooked!

I use EQ7 for my designs, though I did download a new program to try. I am playing with Corel Draw, and I want to try Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes there are things in my head that need a drawing board rather than a grid to work on. I have discovered many new features in EQ7 in the meantime, and I am having a blast playing with different layouts and blocks.

July 2 Tap

July 2-Faucet

This design reminded me of a video game, so I called it The Dark Castle. The inspiration photo had an outdoor faucet topped with a fanciful castle. Soe days a literal interpretation is in order, and I love how it came out!

July 6-Buttons

July 6-Buttons

This particular inspiration was a bowl full of buttons. It evoked so many different memories in people, for me it was the button jars at my grandma’s house when they lived down the road from us. We used to play with those hundreds of buttons, and I’m sure many of them saw the inside of a vacuum when we went home. Not on purpose either.

July 4 Ice Cream

July 4 Ice Cream

July 4th marked our 200th member, and the 200 member challenge. l chose the color rich ice cream inspiration photo for my 200 quilt. I haven’t counted them, but I am pretty sure there is enough ice cream in this photo for all our members, including the new ones! I love the navy as a background, I think its my new favorite! I recently bought a whole lot of navy solids, so I am going to have to make something with it soon.

Anne’s 200 member quilt  ended in hilarity and this picture as a result.



You know how hard it is to take a selfie wearing a tinfoil helmet and holding a rotary cutter?? Its not easy…..and that tinfoil is HOT!

July 12 Antiquity

July 12 Antiquity

The photo for this one was of an antique door knob and keyhole. I was planning to make something around the shape of the keyhole, but then I noticed the scuffed and faded pattern carved into teh doorframebehind it. It was a little nine patch interspersed with lines and diamonds. I did my best to recreate it and ended up in a Gatsby-era art deco world. I added the tiny coral diamonds and it really added dimension to the design. I am very happy with it and may work it into a pattern.

Run, Zombi Run!

Run, Zombi Run!

This design started out happy and fun, but there is a running joke about the zombie apocalypse in QDAD, sparked by a series of abandoned looking building with random diamond shapes in them, and chihuahuas. Someone mentioned this looked like people running from something, probably zombies. So I turned some of my happy little petal pluses into zombies. Minus the whole Z.A theme, I like the grayscale graduating into color. It definitely sparked a conversation or two!

July 13 Raspberry

July 13- Raspberry

This inspirtion was a bowl of raspberry swirl frozen yogurt. It looked so yummy! I decided to do a cross section of the swirl, which has sparked a series of cross sectional designs. Mostly fruits and veggies, and every so often ice cream. I am going to do a couple up as patterns so I will save them for a surprise!

May 24 feathers

I did do up a foundation pattern for my feather blocks, you can download it here for free! If you make one ( or a dozen) send me a picture, I would love to see it!

Feather Block Feather String

I hope you enjoyed your visit today! Make sure to visit Amy Gunson at Badskirt, and Anne Sullivan at Play-Crafts, both have QDAD giveaways running!

Now for my Giveaway! The giveaway is now closed! You can see the winner in my next post!

The giveaway is open to anyone, including international visitors! Simply leave a comment. That’s all! Tell me your favorite color, your favorite quilt design, what you’re going to make with the feather block or the bundle, what the weather is like at your house today, tell me a joke ( the punnier the better!) ANYTHING!


I am giving away a Fat quarter bundle of 5 cool colors of my new Colorworks Premium Solids by Northcott. I picked these up on vacation, and I got a ton of yardage, so I thought I would share with everyone. The colors are deep and rich, more so than in the photo. The colors are perfect for making a QDAD of your own! The Giveaway will be open until Wednesday at 8pm PST, and I will pick the winner using Random.org

Happy Stitching!!


60 thoughts on “Quilt Design a Day and a Giveaway*winner chosen*

  1. Am I allowed to enter?!? ^_^ I have no favorites. I do seem to be drawn to aqua and navy though. So maybe those are my favorites?
    Those feathers are SOO gorgeous. I need to make one of those up at some point!

  2. I love star blocks. But my favorite changes with the project. Currently I am making a t-shirt quilt for my granddaughter. There is no pattern. She was in the Alabama Children’s Choir here in Tuscaloosa, AL, but she has graduated from high school and will soon be leaving for college. Hopefully, the quilt will be done by then. We are using a variety of fabrics related to music for the setting pieces. Tuesday she will come over to lay everything out, and then I will start sewing.

    • Nancy I love a good star block myself. T-shirt quilts are always fun, I make them for my friends kids, with all the baby clothes. its so wonderful the enjoyment they get from them!

  3. Hi!!!! I am loving aqua and brown and any shades of blue/green!!!! I really love your feathers!!!! Congrats on the 200 members!!!! Ky had really cool weather this last week…which felt really wonderful after all the heat and humidity we had been having!!!! Thanks for the fun give away!!!!

  4. Wonderful design, Feather on a String really is interesting. If I won the fabric I would try to do a Mariners star from Carol Doak’s book. I think those colors would look awesome in a star.

  5. I love blue and the beautiful colors in your giveaway fabric are awesome. I am sewing a nine patch quilt and don’t have enough solids! I’d use the fabric in this quilt. The weather in WA state has been warmer than usual and quite nice! Great giveaway; thanks.

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  7. Love the feathers for sure. I’ve already downloaded it. Now I just need a little more courage to attempt it. I seem to be using a lot of magenta these days. Time for a change and those cool colours might just do the trick. The weather has been toasty here (as you know). I’ve enjoyed the rain today. =^.^=

  8. Colour is my favourite colour! I love multicoloured quilts and it is hard to choose a favourite single colour – I like some reds but not all, love blues of all shades, orange is fabulous especially with pink, some greens are gorgeous – you get the idea. As for a joke – how about “How do you organise a space party? You planet. or Why are pirates called Pirates? Because they Aaarrrghhhh! Can you tell that I have grandchildren?

  9. I love Raspberry Swirl! I want your Stars and Knots pattern, too! And Ivy Garden.
    I love paper-piecing, and any kind of star, especially Mariner Compass types, and Celtic designs. Purple and aqua are my favorite colors/combo, plus grey/yellow combo.
    What a gorgeous bundle.

  10. Loving the helmet! Joan of Arc of the quilting and design world, maybe! I would like to “attempt” the Feather Block, as I really admire the finished look & quality of the paper pieced block. The hues of the giveaway fabric are wonderful and so nice of you to share with a lucky winner!

  11. Turquoise is my favorite! I am making a Hopscotch quilt currently for my youngest son and he loves the beautiful blues in it. Thanks for the feather block pattern and the giveaway!

  12. I love buttery yellow and olivey green. I’m just gathering fabrics for a quilt for my front porch and the blues in your bundle would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Your designs are great. What a fun project. I would love to learn how to design quilts. I’ve only made a few, but I’m really curious about the designing process. Do you know of any free quilting design programs to recommend? Because EQ7 is fairly expensive correct?

    My favorite colors are blues, but I love to work with romantic pinks, probably because I do a lot of girl projects for my daughter. 😉

    • Teresa yes, EQ is an investment. If you are casual designing start out with one of the free apps available, You can also get a monthly subscription to Thread bias and use their design tools. There are lots of options =) Inkscape is a free vector program that a lot of the members use and there are some great tutorials to help get you started =)

  14. hi!
    my favorite color is purple. favorite quilt design: gosh, too many on my todo list… am drawn to “storm at sea” patterns. i would probably use the bundle to add to the quilt i’m working on now (tessellation sp?), or the block as a wall hanging or part of a quilt? it is hot here today in ohio. a joke? well, um, why did the chicken cross the playground? to get to the other slide… hee-hee! 🙂 thanks for doing this! have a great day! 🙂

  15. My favorite color is purple but I don’t seem to work with it very often in quilts. Perhaps there just aren’t enough really great purples out there.

  16. Those patterns aare fabulous!!
    Your bundle have my favorite color and some I need because I`m playing with blues to make make Dear Jane blocks .My favorite color is green

  17. I just found your blog and really like your designs. I have EQ7 that I only really use when I want to resize a quilt I like to the 42X42 size for my donated Hospice Quilts of Comfort. I have ideas from things I see, but somehow when it comes to turning it into a quilt design it never comes out the way I like it, or it just won’t work, or (most of the time) is way too complex. So I admire your designs very much. Thanks for the chance on the giveaway. I love working with solids.

  18. Blues & Greens are my very Favorites…all shades of them. Right now, my favorite quilt block is the Churn Dash! Was HOT here today..our high was 88 & way Humid! Rain due tomorrow, and about 76 degrees. ( I live just about in the middle of Ohio)

  19. Ohhh . . . I love your antiquity design! I’m teaching The Great Gatsby in my English class, and I love all things jazz age! Thanks for this great giveaway and for your inspiring blog. Your fabric choices remind me coastlines and summer.

  20. Nice colors! I like saturated colors and seldom work with pastels (which are for the weak) nor beige (since it isn’t a color). And orange goes with everything since it is a neutral. What?! I can’t hear you – my colors are too loud! : ) Thanks! notwendy gmail

  21. I’m not a good joke teller, but the S.O. and I have been doing a fair amount of camping this summer, and it reminds me of this one.

    Sherlock Holmes & Watson went camping. They set up their tent and went to sleep. Part way through the night, Sherlock noticed that he could see the stars. So he asked Watson what he could figure out from that. Watson began talking about the meaning of the universe, the depth of the sky, etc. Eventually Sherlock stopped him and said, my dear Watson, it simply means that our tent has been stolen.

    Sorry, not much of a pun, but it’s the best I’ve got!

  22. i miss the heat… even just 3 or 4 more degrees would make me happy! i came home from Cape Cod to that heat wave, and now it’s starting to feel chilly, especially with the rain today. what do you mean, i need more than a tank top in the evening?!

    (of course, last week i was b!tching about trying to quilt in this heat, so basically i’m just dissatisfied in general… i want heat, AND air conditioning!)

    however, i am willing to change my opinion on the Northcott (though it drives me nuts that they’re a Canadian company who spells Colorworks the American way!), the colours you’ve chosen are super pretty together. they remind me of the Kona solids Felicity used for her Supernova quilt. it turns out that i don’t dislike Northcott solids as much as i dislike the selection that Fabricana carries.

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