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Welcome to my stop on the Tidal Lace blog tour! I first met Kim through the Quilt Design a Day group and we got to know each other over time. I was thrilled when Kim approached me and asked if I wanted to make something for her debut line of fabric from Windham. Of course I said yes! I had a design in mind almost immediately.


 I love Tidal Lace so much. The colors, the texture, the OMBRE! Woot! Ombre. I thought a long time about all the wonderful things I could say about Tidal Lace. Kim did an outstanding job in her debut collection, and it shows. The prints are soft, delicate, and so very very versatile. The colors are a feast for the eyes, and overall Tidal lace it suited to so many different things, which you will see in the coming days as you hop from blog to blog. I absolutely adore the starlight blenders and the tidal lace border print. Oh, that border print! I have plans for that print, which may or may not include fussy cutting a whole lot of skirt panels. We will see.
Tidal Lace Wheel, borrowed from Kim with permission

Tidal Lace Wheel, borrowed from Kim with permission

When I saw Tidal Lace for the first time, I was really struck by it. I knew Kim’s inspiration-days sifting through antique lace with her grandmother, family vacations to the ocean, and how she connected the memories into the collection.  The stories really stuck with me. Most of us had someone in our lives, a mother, grandmother, favorite aunt, that taught us to sew or planted the seeds of creativity that later sprout and flourish. In my family, quilts were given for any occasion-new babies, weddings, moving out on your own or just because. My own grandmother instilled an appreciation of quilting into her children and grandchildren. I have memories of visiting my grandma at the local quilt shop, where she would let me play with jars of buttons and scraps, and of sitting in her basement making our first quilt together. I still have that quilt, and I remember how happy I was to be able to spend so much time with grandma.
 I also started thinking about quilting, and how as quilters we use fabric to make connections and create memories. We create to express love, friendship, joy, and also in times of hardship and sorrow. Quilting forms threads, connections, between individuals, friends, and family. The sharing of ideas and inspirations, whether its blogging, instragram, or a casual conversation at work or in the grocery store, strengthens those connections. Every handmade treasure we gift, swap, share and show add more threads, until the connections form a delicate lacework that strengthens with each pass. Many of us have formed strong bonds of friendship with people we may never meet, all centered around the craft of sewing and quilting. We are part of a community, based on sharing and inspiring. I am honored to be able to express myself in fabric and thread, and be able to share the experience with others.
I used Tidal Lace to create a queen size quilt. I wanted something that would be simple, letting the fabrics shine and take advantage of the amazing border print. The pattern, which will have four sizes, will be coming around the same time as the collection is released is now available from my Craftsy shop. In the meantime I really wanted something to share with everyone. There were a lot of leftover half square triangles left over from the quilt, so I chose to make pillows to match the quilt. They whip up quick and we had a lot of fun at the beach taking pictures.

H helping out

After the tutorial there is a Fabric Giveaway! Windham was generous enough to provide a full fat quarter bundle of Tidal Lace for each blog to give away! When you’re done here, hop on over to Anne @Play-Crafts and check out her awesome pillow! The full hop list can be found here, be sure to visit everyone and enter for your chance to win a bundle. There is a whole lot of talent packed into this hop, and I can’t wait to see what everyone else has planned for Kim!

The Tide Pool Pillow Tutorial


Fabric Required:

An assortment of HST corner scraps-16 background and 16 prints. If you are cutting from scraps you want 8 squares 4″ of assorted prints and 8 of the background, cut in half to make 16 HST’s of each
4 strips of fabric 18 1/2″x 3″ for borders (I used the background print)
2 rectangles, 14 1/2″x 18 1/2″ for pillow back
1 square of batting 19″x19″
1 square of plain fabric or broadcloth 19″x 19″
*optional* a 6″x 90″ pieced strip for the ruffle (I used the narrow border print)
 an 18″ square pillow form


1. Sew the print HST’s right sides together with the background HST’s to make 16 HST squares. Press and trim the squares to 3 1/2″.
 Trim squares
 2. Arrange the squares on your design wall or cutting table so that the HST squares form chevrons. Play with the layout until you are happy with it.
HSTsquares arranged

HST squares arranged

3. Sew the HST squares into pairs and then into the chevrons. Double check the layout on your deisgn wall

Double Check!

Double Check!

4. Sew the chevrons together to make the center of the pillow. Press well, square and trim.

5. Mark the seam allowance in the corner of the pillow center. Pin the border strips right sides together to the pillow sides, matching centers. Sew the border strips to the side of the pillow the marked corner of each seam allowance. Press the strips out, pin the top and bottom and sew in the same way, stopping and starting at the corner.


6. Draw a line from the corner of the seam allowance to the edge of the strip. This will be the stitch line for the your mitred border. Do this for both sides for the top and bottom strips.


 7. Fold the pillow right sides together on the diagonal so that the ends of the border strips are matched up. Push the seam allowances out of the way and sew down the line, starting at the seam allowance and stitching the edge.

IMG_3858 IMG_3855

8. Trim the seam to 1/4″. Repeat sewing for the remaining three corners, trim, and press all the seams open. Press the pillow top well.


9. Layer the pillow top, batting and the broadcloth square to make a small pillow sandwich. Baste and quilt as desired. Trim and square the finished quilt sandwich.  * Now would be the time to make the optional ruffled edge. I use this tutorial,. If you don’t have a ruffler for your machine, a line of basting and then a gentle gather does the trick.*


10. Take a 14 1/2″x 18 1/2″ rectangle. Fold one end over 1/2″ to the wrong side, and then 1/2″ again, so that the raw edge is covered. Repeat for the other rectangle. Topstitch next to the fold. Layer the pieces right sides together on the pillow front, so that the finished edges overlap by 4″. Stitch around the pillow 3/8″ from the raw edge. Trim the corners and finish your edges either with a serger or a zigzag/overlock stitch on your domestic. Turn the pillow to right side out through the opening in the back, stuff with an 18″ pillow form, and enjoy! The pillow finished slightly under 18″ square, giving the pillow some loft when the form goes in. 



Voila! I hope you enjoyed the tutorial!

On to the Giveaway!!

To enter, just leave a comment below on this post! Tell me what you would create to make a connection with someone, which is your favorite, or just how much you love the collection (because, come on, who wouldn’t love the collection!)

Tidal Lace Wheel, borrowed from Kim with permission

Tidal Lace Wheel, borrowed from Kim with permission

The winner will be drawn Sept 23 at 8pm PST. Make sure to visit the other blogs to see their awesome projects and inrease your chances of procuring this lovely bundle of joy!

Happy Stitching


102 thoughts on “Tidal Lace Blog Hop and Giveaway *giveaway closed*

  1. All those beautiful blues!! My best friend’s favorite color! Would love to make her something 🙂

  2. I love the Sea Gems and Shimmer fabrics the most, but they are all so pretty it is hard to choose. I like to make presents for my friend sin their favourite colours and my oldest friend would certainly be getting a pouch made from these prints.

  3. This collection takes me back to my childhood, when we lived in Chicago, and my parents would take me to North Avenue Beach on Lake Michigan and we would spend the day. I loved hunting for sea shells and getting hot dogs from the shack on the beach. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

  4. Love this collection – the colours are beautiful. I would love to make two baby quilts using these quilts – one for my sister’s second baby and one for my friend’s first baby both are due very soon. I can’t wait to meet them and would love to give them their first handmade gift! Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. I have a sweet sister who talked me into giving a quilt to another sister. She also talked me into making a quilt for a niece who needed to know the family loved her. She is so conscientious about others needs that she sometimes neglects her own. A quilt made of both current yet vintage like Tidal Lace would be a perfect gift for her. Thanks.

  6. Yes, I do love this collection! 🙂 I think it would be perfect to sew something special for my beach loving mom….she used to take my brother to the beach weekly when we were kids and lived near the ocean! thanks so much for the chance!

  7. My daughter lives on one coast and both of my sisters on the other coast so I see a lot of this beautiful fabric in my future. Quilts and more quilts with some pillows and maybe even a shower curtain.

  8. I love this collection ! My favorites are the fabrics with the starfish on them. I love these color combinations! 🙂

  9. I love your quilt and the matching pillows! I’m loving the colors of this collection and can’t wait to make a quilt with them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I the shimmer fabric best.
    I would make a quilt for a friend or maybe one of my sisters, if one is nice to me

  11. A very special friend is a chef, and recently I gave her a quilt with all novelty food fabrics. She just loves it and when I look at the food fabric scraps, I always think of her!

  12. I like the tidal lace and the shimmer prints. The colors are fantastic. I’d make some pillows for a friend with a house at the beach.

  13. I too love the soft colors displayed so beautifully, what a soft warm quilt for a Grand now residing in Perth Australia ! She could remember her wonderful trip as she snuggled in a quilt from the gorgeous colors ,maybe using a similar pattern to what Stacey used .tidal lace , so pretty .!!

  14. Thanks for the tutorial. I love chevrons and a chevron quilt would be great or the beach quilt once the pattern is out.

  15. There are so many great projects in the look book and the blog hop! I would definitely make the hair clips for my daughters and I really like your cushion. Thank you for the tutorial!

  16. I agree, OMG! This fabric collection is awesome and there are so many great choices for projects. Thos pillows are very cute, but I’d like to make that sassy quilt with the beach balls. Thanks.

  17. I love this A LOT. I grew up in a beach town, and this collection reminds me of when I was in 4th grade and thought I’d like to be a marine biologist when I grew up.

  18. Your quilt & pillows are beautiful! I really enjoy making quilts for my family & friends & making each one in a style that fits the person I’m gifting it to – I think that making handmade gifts is a lovely way to connect with people & a wonderful way to express my feelings. Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous fabrics.

  19. I’d like to try your pillows, or similar. They would certainly brighten up a room in those fabrics. Thanks! notwendy gmail

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  21. I love the shimmer in green and blue the very most! But I also love all the coral! And your quilt is gorgeous 🙂

  22. Thanks so much for the pillow tutorial and the different quilting is helpful. This is great fabric for so many projects…………clothes for me, quilts, household items………..

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