CQA Time For Colour Gallery


The gallery of the Time for Colour challenge quilts is up on the Canadian Quilters Association blog. There are some amazingly beautiful mini quilts from a whole lot of talented quilters. British Columbia made a food showing, and I am happy to say that the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild had three members participate.

You can see all the quilts by following the link below. I am a little disappointed that my quilt looks so dull. Its definitely bright and cheery in person. Each of the quilts will be sold with the proceeds going to the Children’s Wish Foundation. you can also get postcards of your favorites =)


10 thoughts on “CQA Time For Colour Gallery

  1. Hi Stacey,
    I saw all the quilts including yours at Satin moon today. What a thrill, by the way. Congrats on your lovely hexie quilt. I think that the picture on the CQA site and your actual quilt are quite close. Quilts are always much more vibrant “in person”, which is why I am always so happy to be able to see them “in person”.

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