Guess Who’s Back!

Well, after a long Christmas break I am back ready to rock and roll (and sew)! The last months has been a super whirlwind of sewing, cooking, baking and family. It was the first Christmas with our little one in our new home with all the family here (and only one person sleeping on the couch/floor). Then 10 days on the mountain with my parents and grandparents with no cell coverage and spotty internet, where the cards abounded! Its been a long time since we had everyone together for the holidays, and I forgot how much fun it is playing cards until midnight, yelling and scrapping and basically having a grand old time I BUY!! I BUY!! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

For those who play Pepper, these are two deadman's hands dealt honestly

For those who play Pepper, these are two deadman’s hands dealt honestly

Baby H got his first taste of deep snow. It was about 3 feet deep, but he is such a featherweight that he was able to sit on top of the pile. He was fine until mommy pushed him over *wink*

Not Happy!

Not Happy!

He also recieved a beautiful quilt from his Great Grandma for Christmas. Mommy loves it because its owls, and she used the Jenny Ski 10 Little Things owls for the border. H likes it because the wings are prairie points that he can flap and chew.

The Owl Quilt

The Owl Quilt


My big project over the last 3 months has been the Sawtooth Cat Quilt commission. I finished it and a set of pillow shams in time for Christmas ( December 23rd still counts). It was for my clients mother, who lost everything she had to a house fire. She has a very large cat collection, and Laurel Burch figured among them. The inspiration for the quilt was a panel I had in my stash of Laurel Burch’s Fanciful Felines.

December 092

The Pillow Sham

I had a major panic attack when I went to make the shams because I ran out of fabric to do the ruffle and the back. I was starting to hyperventilate when I remembered that Holly of Holly’s Red Bike, who is the President of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild, had given me 2 meters of Laurel Burch Fanciful Felines cat print in the same colorway! It saved my sanity and the commission. Thank You Holly!!


The Cat Quilt

The Cat Quilt

Of course no quilt is ever fully completed without home special “helpers”, usually in the form of a cat or small child. This go round was the latter for me.

Mommy I'm Helping!

Mommy I’m Helping!

For those of you who downloaded the mystery pattern,  I am still working on the tutorial, and it will be up soon!


Happy New Year!




Happy Halloween!!

Why hello! Its been another long stretch. October has practically flown by and hardly a peep outta me! Thanks you all for hanging in there! I haven’t been to neglectful, as you may have noticed the Gallery is finally up and running, and I have added some new pages! Hurray! Once I finally figured it all out…..

Oh, and Happy Halloween! I looked everywhere for a costume this year, all I wanted to be was a princess to match my little guy’s dragon. after wading through mountains of slutty cats/fairies/pirates/anything else you can think of, I had 2 days left to whip up a costume! I searched through the pattern books at the shop, and there were no patterns that I either liked, or could make in such a short amount of time. I did come across a gem of a pattern. Its  Simplicity, its Steampunk, and I LOVE it. The entire outfit requires 10 meters of fabric to complete, and the entire hem is composed of box pleats, but someday I will make this!!She says as she buys it….

Stunning! maybe next year??


I really wanted an old costume that was made with the help of a lady from my church ages ago. As in more than 10 years. I have a collection of patterns from all over the place, and I found the pattern for the costume I wanted. It is no longer in print, and the pattern was from 2000. So I ran down to the Save-On-Fabrics and managed to get everything I needed for $40. The same price as buying a costume, except better quality, and my front and back are fully clothed! The costume was a success (as long as I did not have to walk up any stairs, long skirts are dangerous!) and we had fun at the Halloween parties this week =)

I also started a new quilt commission this week. I am making a Laurel Burch inspired cat quilt using the Sawtooth Cats Pattern and a Laurel Burch Fanciful Felines panel from my stash that is apparently Out Of Print and RARE.  We needed a second panel for a set of matching pillow shams, and the only one available was on Ebay for $20. That’s for a single layer of the panel, which translates into almost $50/yard. OUCH! The end result will be well worth the effort, and I am having fun matching up the colors for the cat bodies.

Fanciful Felines

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, and as always,


Happy Quilting!