Quilt Design A Day- Day 90 and a Free Pattern!!

Today is the day I achieved the 90 day chip in #QDAD. It is definitely an achievement for me. I can hardly believe I have been able to pull 180 designs out of my head. They aren’t all winners, that for sure, but I do have some that I absolutely love.

Being part of the QDAD group sure has opened up a new world of creative possibilities for me. I am always seeing new and exciting things from the other group members, and we all give each other feedback and advice, or stutter around trying not to say “I love it” a million times even though that’s all you really can say sometimes! I have learned a lot about minimalist designs and using negative space effectively. I am happy to report that none of the floral inspired images from last month looked too Yoni. (Look it up, its hilarious)

Here are a selection of some of my favorites from last month.


May 11 Feathers


May 2 Inverted

May 2-Palm Tree


May 5 Windows

May 5-Windows


May 7 stars and knots

May 7- Seascape


May 27 Succulent Garden

May 27- Succulent Garden


May 20 storm at sea

May 20- Storm at Sea

May 24 feathers

May 24 feathers

This last one is one of my personal favorites. The last week in May and the start of June seemed filled with feathers. We were turning into birds! This particular design was fairly literal, but it looked fantastic. It wsa a group favorite, so I decided to make the feather block a free pattern. The block had to be modified for easier piecing, but here it its! There is a string block included, but it might be fun to do some pearle cotton stitches instead, don’t you think?

Feather Block

Feather String


I Hope you enjoy the pattern, and of course if you have any question feel free to contact me. I would love to see your finished blocks!


Happy Stitching!



2 thoughts on “Quilt Design A Day- Day 90 and a Free Pattern!!

  1. HI Stacey,
    I love all the designs you featured in this post! Thank you for the freebie. Feathers are a personal favourite of mine. I will be making these in the very near future with both styles of strings. With all your talent, I hope we’ll see a collection of your ideas in print! Pleeease.

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